05 October 2009

The Weekend Wrap Up in Pictures!

We had a wonderful visit in Saint John on the weekend. Despite the dregs of a cold, both kids were great and fun and we really enjoyed seeing them! The weather on Saturday was gorgeous and so we spent fun time outside in the back yard!

Here are the required grandparent pictures:

Miss Reese:

and Hunter

BoomBoom /Granddad reading to the little ones:

The drive over and back is about 5 1/2 hours each way so needless to say I got some knitting done. I finished the hat & mitts for Thing 1 before we left, so I knit on the mitts & hat for Thing 2, finishing the hat off last night. They have been soaked and are drying as we speak to go in the mail tomorrow!

The hats are about the same size as I figured with the ribbing they can adjust them to where ever covers their little ears. The mitts look about the same size but the red ones are still wet so I hope they will get smaller as they dry! I tested them out on Reese and they fit her, so now we will have to wait and see if they fit the boys!

Lastly, I had done the ribbed cuffs of my Wanida socks on our drive and knit on the patterned part of the leg last night and got totally stuck on row 18 of the pattern. Very confusing instructions to my tired brain. So I checked it out on Ravelry ( have I mentioned how much I looooove Ravelry?) and found out that I am not the only ones finding it confusing! And how it should be done, so I am ready to get at those later today.

And that is our weekend in pictures!


lexa said...

Those hat and mittens didn't take long at all! Glad you had a nice visit.

A Crafty Mom said...

The hat and mitts are gorgeous - the boys are very excited for them. I'll order up so cold weather so they can wear them right away :)

Great pictures - so glad you had a wonderful visit!

Frieda said...

Great pics of the grandkids. Both of them are sooo cute . Love Reese's hair and those little curls on Hunter .

Nice work on the hat & mittens !

Marti said...

Glad you had a nice visit. Hats and mitts look warm and cozy!


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