01 October 2009

♪♪ It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! ♪♪

Today is the first day of October and it is lovely outside. The leaves are turning colours beautifully and still on the trees! ( Thanks to the powers that be we haven't had any hurricanes or strong winds to blow them off! ) The sun is shining and there are big fluffy clouds in the sky! What more can one ask for? September, my favourite month of the year, was absolutely gorgeous, with mild weather and sun and cooler nights and little rain or fog! I hate to see it go........ :-((

But on the positive side, we are going to Saint John tomorrow to visit Lauren and family and are quite looking forward to seeing them all! I am going to get Reese to test wear the mittens & toque I made for Pete! I get frustrated not having the hands and head here when I am knitting these type of things. I have patterns, of course, that say knit this size for this age, but you never know if they will fit the intended little one! And I shall be knitting in the car on the way over and back home on Sunday, so I will probably have David's all finished by the time I get here. Better take something else to work on just to be on the safe side!

So this is what I have accomplished since my last post:

Finished the socks and they are lovely and soft and actually fit me, instead of the size 7 - 8 I had planned on. Who to give them to? Probably will be gifted or donated to a good casue.

The mittens for Thing 1 are finished. He wanted blue to match his snowsuit and there are just so many blues out there I opted for the ever popular, but very boring navy:

And for young Thing 2, red yarn to knit him the hat and mitts in his favourite colour:

Finally, because it IS the first day of October, I can start my KAL socks! I have decided to knit the Wanida socks, from Cookie A's book, Sock Innovation, with yarn I bought in Ottawa, called Apple Pie by Apple Laine in a cornflower blue colour! They should be gorgeous. And just because I like wordplay, I am not exactly calling these socks Wanida, I will be calling them Juan Need A socks! (Snickering to myself!)

My second sock project for October will be Jeannie Cartmel's Mystery Sock that I started in June with the Magic Loop ( which I hated and hence hated the socks ) and am now giving a second chance. I don't think it is the pattern, I think it was the @#$^%@! Magic Loop! ( I also think it is a case of don't kill the messenger and I felt terribly guilty about not finishing the original pair. The designer probably doesn't care that I didn't finish, but.........) I will be knitting these in Malabrigo Sock yarn in the Lettuce colourway!

So I am off to cast on my socks! Progress pics next week!


A Crafty Mom said...

The hat and mitts look absolutely perfect - he will love them, I'm positive!

lexa said...

I think the hat and mitts will be fine, too. My boys are bigger than other kids their ages, so it's hard for me to judge. They've always been bigger than other kids their ages.

I think you've chosen yarns wisely for the two new sock projects.

Have a fun trip to NB!


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