09 October 2009

Can one ever be Tooooo Blue?

Another gorgeous autumn day! What can I say? If the weather could be like this all year long I would be one happy camper!

We had Knit Nite on Wednesday and because it was our 2 year anniversary, we had a pot luck dinner. Lasagna, foccacia bread, caesar salad, hot lobster dip, deviled eggs and a pavlova filled with cream and fresh fruit! Delicious! John was the recipient of all this largess as well and fully enjoyed all the wonderful food!

We (the KN ladies) are thinking about having a monthly KAL that people may or may not sign up for. Something small but a project that will teach new techniques, especially to some of our less experienced knitters. My vote would be for the Pretty Thing Cowl by the YarnHarlot! I have the pattern and yarn and am ready to go!

I had to go Halifax yesterday for an appointment and was early so I popped into LK Yarns in the Hydrostone! And of course I came home with a few little gems.

The alpaca is for the Pretty Thing cowl which I will start as soon as I finish the Wanida socks.

And then we have the drop dead gorgeous Malabrigo in Impressionist Sky! I am fairly confident that whatever socks this becomes will be staying at my house!!

On the mundane side, I bought some new felting yarn, Shepherd Classic Wool. It comes in different colours than I usually see so I thought I would try it.

The gray and black is a worsted weight Perfect to make heavier socks, probably for John. They will be heavier than the usual socks, but should be nice for the winter boots and shoes!

Last but not least, the Wanidas are coming along nicely:

Does anybody think I knit too many blue socks? It kind of shocks me when I look at my Ravelry projects page and see alllllllllllll that blue!


lexa said...

You are very blue, but that's what you like, so go for it!

Knitweir and I talked on the drive home -- Christmas time we should do a desserts evening and have hot chocolate, too.

Frieda said...

Congrats on your 2 year anniversary !

Love all of your new yarns ! That should keep you in stitches for a while . As for all that blue , you buy and knit what speaks to you . Nothing wrong with that ! Besides they're all different shades of blue ....


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