14 October 2009

Not Wordless Wednesday

The Wanida socks are finished and blocked and waiting to find a home I have knit them for a friend but they may be marginally too big, so I am hoping they will fit her SIL if they don't fit her. I am actually very pleased with how well they came out and the pattern was fairly easy and knit up quickly!

My computer guru guy was just here and updated drivers for audio, video and network and says my computer should be fine now. No more stupid notices and abrupt shutdowns. I also asked him about the new Windows 7 and he is very positive about it. He has been beta testing it and says it is everything that Vista should have been. It will be out in 2 weeks but he recommends waiting a month or two until the price comes down! Yay! I know, I am totally a geek!

Also on the geeky side of my life, Bell Mobility will soon be carrying the IPhone! As a person who thinks her ITouch is the best thing ever invented, I am going to be hard pressed not to want an IPhone when they are available in our area!!!! Again YAY!!!! Do I hear "Christmas present"?!!

Tonight is Knit Nite and some of us are doing the Pretty Thing cowl by the YarnHarlot. I thought I would start it so I could be of some help to some of our newer knitters who want to try it out as a lace project. I am on row 16 but there is not enough to take a picture yet. I am doing in Drops Alpaca in a taupe colour and it should be so warm and cuddly when it is finished. There are only 61 rows so it should do up quite quickly!! Do I see more in my future? Possibly!

I also have decided that the reason I haven't started a baby gift for Shan's friend Jenny (Lucy was born in early September) is because I don't want to do that Rocketry pattern again. I think I knit 5 ro 6 of them a couple of years ago and am just plain sick of them. Anyway, I downloaded a free Drops pattern and got some yarn (same colour as the sweater in the link) and will be ready to go with that as soon as the cowl is finished!

Seems I am on a roll! Let's hope it keeps up as I have orders in for felted slippers and toddler socks in the near future!


Heddy said...

cute baby sweater pattern - looks a bit like a baby surprise jacket.

I love the Wanita socks ... didn't realize they had a criss cross patterning to them. Very schwanky!

lexa said...

It's just as good I skipped the cowl after the difficulties you guys were having tonight!

I heard Bell was getting the iPhone. W loves his, and so does K (T's roommate). I think you'll end up with one. :)


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