28 September 2009

What? Winter is coming?

What a busy week it has been with all the new fall programming on TV! A lot of Must See TV. And a lot of knitting done as well. I am almost finished with the Plain Jane socks and they are looking good, if I do say so myself!

All they need are their toes and to be blocked and voila! another pair done. I am going to knit socks for all of my KALs in October. I am doing the Mystery Sock by Jeannie Cartmel in blue for SKA and the Solid Socks group. That will also count for the Sock a Month group. And I will do whichever Cookie A pattern gets picked in a lime green for that KAL! So I shall be busy, busy!

Plus, I am working away on the sweater for Shannon. Yesterday when I was talking to her on the phone, she mentioned that I had told the boys I would knit mittens and matching toques for each of them. Which I did remember but didn't think they needed them quite yet, totally forgetting how much colder it is in Ontario then here and that they are off early in the mornings for school. So now I am off to our local LYS in search of yarn for hats and mitts! Not that I don't have enough yarn, just not worsted weight in red for Thing 2 and blue for Thing 1! I also searched Ravelry and came up with a pattern for basic mittens and another one for a ribbed toque! So those should soon be on the needles and off the needles and on their way to the boys! Then I can get going on the above mentioned socks! I've said it before but it bears repeating, so much knitting, so little time!

Saturday night we went to the movie The Informant. Now I do not claim to be a movie reviewer, but I do know what I like and don't particularly like. This was definitely the latter. Despite Matt Damon in the lead, we found the storyline confusing and the whole thing generally boring. The best we could do for marks was 5 out of 10. Not worth seeing in this humble, albeit, not - a - movie - reviewer's opinion.

John made a double batch of his ever popular chunky Italian soup yesterday and we put it up in litre containers and delivered it to three of our friends who have had surgery in the past week or so. They were very impressed with him!! We had enough left over to invite another couple over for dinner last night and they gave it the seal of approval by asking for his recipe! A very successful day for John!

Today it is raining and it's Monday so I will be doing laundry and banking. Boring. And chances are, some knitting will be done as well!!!


lexa said...

I'm getting the itch to knit some hats and mittens. Guess it's that time of year, but luckily it has been staying quite nice here.

Frieda said...

This week was cool enough for Jessey to need a hat . I promptly cast on and one was knit up in no time flat , too bad it didn't fit , so it's going elsewhere I'm bad at judging the length needed for baby hats . Another one will be on the needles soon ...

A Crafty Mom said...

Looking forward to seeing the mitts and hats - the boys are SO excited! And I'm glad to hear your review on the Informant b/c we were thinking of going but now maybe I'll wait to see it on video. I am a big Matt Damon fan, though.

I really need to taste that Italian Soup one day - or maybe try cooking it myself!


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