15 September 2009

US Open Knitting Wrapup!

What can I say? I did all that I could do but it just wasn't to be. Roger lost the US Open. Mind you, he didn't play well and he didn't deserve to win, but nonetheless, it was a shock and disappointment to this Federer Fan. Two weeks plus a day of cheering down the drain.

On the other hand, Del Potro certainly outplayed him in the last 3 sets and totally deserved the win and has now given notice that he CAN play with the big boys, having taken out Nadal the day before! It was an exciting match and I did get lots of knitting done. In fact, during the whole US Open I got Hunter's vest done, the Angee socks for my friend and I am almost finished the Liken' em Again socks. Just have the toe decreases to do and they should be ready to block this evening.

I'm on my way to Have A Yarn in Mahone Bay with a friend this morning. I'm looking for yarn to knit a chemo hat for my friend's daughter. I sent her an email with several hats I have knit in the past and she quite liked the Odessa pattern. It's a great pattern and has beads to give it a little oomph! Not sure about the beads with the bald head though. Maybe not. Mind you, I don't string my beads but put them using a crochet hook, so maybe they will just sit on top. We'll see. At least I can do something to help, even if it is just to make her feel warmer.

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Frieda said...

It was great US Open final , I was kind of cheering for Del Potro ( sorry , but really only because he was such an underdog coming into the match ). I'm a sucker for the underdog ! He played terribly at the outset , so I'm really surprised at the results .You've got to give Federer kudos for being such a great all round player and a real gentleman , unlke some people we saw at the Open.

Yor knitting is beautiful , love the latest socks and Hunter's vest ! I've had some knitting requests for Jessey now that the cool weather is just around the corner.


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