17 September 2009

40 Years! Can You Believe It?

I can barely believe it! This weekend is my 40 year reunion from the Victoria General School of Nursing. Our class graduated in 1969 and we were the last of the three year graduates. They then began cutting it back to a two year program. Our class of 92 have been having reunions every 5 years since. Being a clever math student, I was able to figure it out and decided that this will be our 10th reunion! I have only missed one! Not bad. This year it is being held at White Point Beach Resort and despite living right here, my friend and I have rented a room so we can be with the others all weekend and not miss anything. Or have to deal with drinking and driving issues. On the off chance that there might be any alcohol around! Definitely looking forward to having a fun weekend!

I finished the Likin'em Again socks and I do like them. Don't love them, but I do like them. I much prefer how the yarn evolved with the other pair and the short row heel. But I didn't love the short row heel, so I did the heel flap and it used more yarn, hence the abrupt colour change in the front of the sock. Most people seem to think it is fine and my friend will seriously love them, so that is the important thing!

I am now knitting the Odessa hat for a friend going through chemo. I decided to try stringing the beads instead of slipping them on with a crochet hook. It works very well once you have all the beads on. However, note for future reference. Make sure the #@&*!#* yarn doesn't have a knot in it, becasue, guess what? The beads won't go over the knot and you have to take them off and restring them!!!! Not fun!!! But the hat is coming along nicely and is looking great with the beads!

I bought some yarn whilst in Have A Yarn on Tuesday to knit a sweater for Shannon. I don't have a picture of the pattern as it was in a discontinued book. A friend made me a working copy to use as I could no longer get the book with the pattern in it. And, ta-dah, I am making it with Tanis Fiber Arts new DK weight in a gorgeous blue colour! It will be gorgeous!

So much knitting. So little time. And no more US Open to use as an excuse to sit and knit during the day! Poor Roger. But I'm sure he will be over it by now! I know I am.


Frieda said...

The socks are beautiful ; I love the colours , so bright and cheerful !

Looking forward to seeing your new projects on the needles ...

Enjoy your weekend and the reunion sounds like fun !

lexa said...

Have fun at the reunion!

Heddy said...

OmG ... that can't be the right math! Were you 10 when you started Nursing school?

Enjoy the reunion!


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