10 September 2009

Likin'em Again

The US Open is on and I have been watching and knitting and then knitting and watching. It has really been an interesting tournament with so many seeds in the ladies going out in the first week! Not always great tennis, but exciting. And of course Roger is methodically going through the field on his way to his record breaking 6th US Open title! But he best watch out for Nadal, who would love to win this to give him the final crown in his grand slam quest.

Normal life has been maintained at my house, but that is about all. John will be thrilled when this weekend is over!

I have finished "TaDaaaaH" the Margie's Midnight Angee socks! They were actually a very quick knit. I think once I got going on them it only took six days to knit them up! (Again, I was watching a lot of tennis whilst I knit.) They fit her, she loves them and they are on their way to the UK as I type! I love the Tanis yarn. The colour shading is amazing! Everything I knit in her yarn comes out beautifully!

So now I'm on to the time-out socks. I frogged them a couple of nights ago and restarted with a 64 CO and they are coming along nicely. I have also renamed them to Likin' em Again! Pictures when they have reached an interesting stage.

Shannon's friend had her baby, a little girl named Lucy, who weighed in at 8lbs 7oz which is pretty good for a first child. She is gorgeous and soon I must get my Rocketry sweater on the go to send to her. (Before Lucy gets too big for it!)

Not much else going on here. The weather has been amazing and John's new grass is growing fast and furious. It is almost to the stage where it will need mowing! Yay!

So for now I say " Go Roger! ".


lexa said...

Your socks are always gorgeous! I love this weather, I wish it stayed like this all year round. You should see the leaves out towards Caledonia -- they're turning red and orange already. I couldn't believe it when we came home from the camper on Monday. They're pretty when they change, but then they have to fall off!!

Sigrun said...

Sounds like you have a passion for knitting socks just like me. Besides being a fellow-Canadian blogger, I have ties to NS: my Sister-in-Law's husband was born and raised there, and along with other partners, first started Apple Auto Glass many years ago. (Now they have moved to Wainwright AB to be closer to their youngest grandchildren. I'll be following your blog.


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