21 September 2009

I Survived My VGH School of Nursing Reunion

Our 40 year reunion is over and I survived with no ill effects. The weather was great, a little rain Saturday morning, but otherwise fine. I saw lots of old friends and even managed to remember many of their names ( which for me is very hard )! We ate and drank and listened to 60s music whilst singing along very loudly! In fact, we had such a good time that the singer at the lounge, who has been there for 2 of our reunions now, wants to be asked to our next one, wherever it may be!!

I even get some knitting done. I worked on my Plain Jane socks that I cast on to have as a brain dead project. I had the leg about half done and I kept thinking they were a little too big the whole time I was knitting them. But I wanted to see how the variegated yarn would work up so I kept knitting, I finally got someone to slip them on and yes, they were loose. Not bad, but loose. I was totally gobsmacked as to why, same yarn I have used before with the same sized needles I had used before. I thought about continuing, but I really like the yarn and if I got too much further I know I would have never have frogged them or finished them, so I frogged them. Last night, as I am putting my needles back in their case, I realized I had used the size 3 mm needles instead of the size 2.75 mm needles. Just enough of a size difference to make them loose instead of just right! Duh! Talk about brain dead. Both me and the socks! However, we are on the correct road now and I am almost back to where I frogged!

And I have an FO. The Odessa hat for my friend's daughter is finished and ready to go in the mail. I of course, don't have her address and so will have to wait for her parents to get home in a few days to get it.

In the meantime, I have household chores to do, many of the season premieres of my favourite shows are starting this week so the DVR and I will both be busy. Lots of knitting will get done this week!

And last but not least, I booked my mammogram for next month!


lexa said...

Glad you weren't too far along in that sock when you frogged it. Also glad you had a great time at the reunion!

Heddy said...

The hat turned out beautiful -- very cheery, and warm looking (perfect:)


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