27 August 2009

Who's Getting Older?

What can I say? I was totally surprised at Knit Nite last night when the knitters arrived with a birthday cake and card for my birthday!! And in the card was the best gift a knitter can receive...... a gift certificate to our local LYS! More Yarn!! Who knew they even had any idea when my birthday is! Anyway, thanks to you all for a wonderful evening and lots of funny stories! Knit Nite family rocks! (Of course I forgot to take a picture of the cake before we demolished it and this is all that was left!)

As for the prize yarn, Heddy loved it and took it home with her.

Now to the sad part. It was the consensus of all in attendance that the Like'em I Love'em socks would have to be frogged. Definitely too small for my friend. :-((

I haven't actually done the dirty deed yet, but I will gather up my courage and perhaps later today they will be ........... you know....... undone........ tinked.......... frogged......... ( crying bitter tears!)

So instead of the socks, I knit on the Hunter vest and it is really coming out just too darn cute for words. It's knitting up really quickly too so I shall definitely have it ready in a week or so! I am knitting a size 2, thinking the 12 -18 month size will not last long enough and he will get more use out of the larger one. (Look for it in the mail before too long, Hunter's mom!)

This morning there were cards and phone calls and even a couple of gifts. Thanks to John for the gorgeous earrings and to my girls for the gift certificate to one of my favourite stores! The Future Shop! I am going to buy a docking station for my I Touch with speakers and stuff! Such fun!

I know. I am a total nerd.

And no, I don't feel older!!


lexa said...

Happy birthday! It was thanks to Deb that we realized it was your birthday today. We would have felt like heels when we saw the little birthday cake on Ravelry today.

Our gift certificates don't expire, so if you wanna hold onto it til we get some new stuff in that's okay. I hope to do an order for some more Arequipa and Invicta sock yarn soon.

Heddy said...

Have a great day .... glad to hear it is being marked with cards gifts, and phone calls (and that the sun has come out to mark the occasion too!).

Thanks again for the yarn ... I love it!

Cheryl said...

Happy Birfday!! Glad they celebrated it well at your LYS. Sucks about your socks. I had to frog all the foot pattern repeats for my monkeys, so i kinda feel your pain.

Landerson said...

Happy Birthday to the best mom in the whole world!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday wishes to you! I am glad to read about your wonderful day, friends and family. I look forward to reading your blog entries every time there is a new one. I hope I can sometime make it back to Nova Scotia and meet the ladies of your area!


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