25 August 2009

Not Lovin'em So Much Anymore socks

I am sorry to inform you of the demise of my Like'em, I Love'em socks. I was ever so busily and happily knitting away on them and had reached the heel of both socks when much to my dismay, I went to start the heel flap and realized I had 60 stitches and my other pair had 64. Now I know that is only 4 stitches, but they are very tight. The first pair are for a very narrow foot, and just fit nicely so there is no way that this pair is going to fit the intended recipient, ( who has a wide foot). They are just too darn tight. Oh the pain and agony of it all. I haven't actual committed them to the frog pond yet, but they are sitting on the ledge, waiting for me to push them in!

So I think I will take some time off and start the Hunter vest. I picked up the required needles at Have A Yarn today. I really need something new and fun to take my mind off my wasted time and effort of the past few days on my Not Lovin'em So Much Anymore socks!

1 comment:

lexa said...

Yup -- take a break and work on the vest. :)


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