30 August 2009

Tink is Knit Backwards

Saturday evening I gave my friend the two pairs of socks I had knit for her. The Hederas fit beautifully and she loved them. The Just Because I Like-em Socks were just a drib too small, and she really loved those! But they didn't quite fit. Just thaaaaaat much too small.

Now to me, if the socks don't fit, I say fine and give them to someone they will fit. This is a no brainer. No big deal, I have lots of yarn and can knit up more socks. (In case you haven't gathered, I LIKE to knit socks!) When I suggested I would give them to somebody else and knit her another pair, she practically wept. "I love them! Couldn't you make them just a little bit longer?"

Now it is obvious that Non Knitters have absolutely no idea what that entails and even more so, the time involved. They see it as a simple process. You just make the toe a little longer. The fact that I kitchenered the toes beautifully and sewed in the end very carefully to make it virtually impossible to see and yet strong enough not to unravel is not an issue to the NK. The fact that I had to tink back to the toe decreases in order to add the extra 1/2 inch, also not an issue to the NK.

However, being a really good friend, I undid the sewn in toes and tinked down to the decrease point, and then knit them about 1/2 inch longer. I was able to match up the yarn pretty well and you can barely tell the second toe is a marginally different colour blue as I used it from another ball of the same wool. They look gorgeous. She will be happy!

FWIW, it took me about 5 hours to accomplish this.

But now that I have done this, I feel I have learned something new and would not be hesitant to try it again.

Original Pair with the 1/2 inch Longer Pair


Heddy said...

They turned out great! but 5 hours!! non knitters don't know the time it takes ... I'd sooner knit a new whatever it is that they don't feel fits right, than tink it back , fix it and reknit it. You are a better, more patient woman than I.


lexa said...

Finally I can comment! I tried about eight times this afternoon at work, it wouldn't open this window. You truly are a great friend to go to all that trouble! I'd be more like Heddy -- knit a new one rather than all that trouble!!


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