24 August 2009

Post Storm Report

Well Hurricane Bill, category 1, arrived and has gone. For some of us there was very little fuss. Wind and rain. For those who have homes directly in front of the ocean, not so great. Storm surge at high tide. Basements flooding, flotsam and jetsam all over their yards, gardens wrecked, etc. We live far enough away from the ocean that storm surges and high tides don't affect us at all, thank you very much! We can always hear it and go down our road about 500 yards and we are there, but I must say, up here I feel very safe.

So today the weather is cooler, again thank you very much. I was really minding the heat and humidity and am finding this cool damp day very pleasant. I can't believe I am even saying this after my earlier rants about the cool and the fog! However, we seem to be getting our weather in batches.........rain and cold for weeks and then.......... hot and humid for weeks! It would be really nice if it could be mixed up a bit so it didn't become so overwhelming when you are in one of the heat or cold waves! Anyway, nothing I can do about the weather, so.......

On to other news. I decided to start the little vest for Hunter and dug out my yarn, found my pattern book and then couldn't find any needles in the required sizes. Can you believe that with all the knitting needles I have, there are no 2.75 or 3.25 sized circular needles? So the vest is on hold till tomorrow. I have a hair appointment in Bridgewater and will take the extra 12 minutes it takes to go to Have A Yarn in Mahone Bay and pick up the required needles. I remember doing the little jumper for Reese using the same yarn and pattern book and I had to rip it all out because I went up a size in needles, thinking it would be fine as I am a tight knitter. NOT!

In the meantime, I am making great progress on my Like'em, I Love'em socks. Not sure if the colour is going to work out ok as I couldn't find a repeat till quite far on in the skein so there may be an issue with the toes. But hopefully I will be able to manage to make it look ok. I am going to use a heel flap this time instead of the short row heel and see if it fits better.

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lexa said...

Yes, the storm wasn't too bad if you weren't right on the ocean. The poor causeway took a beating, that's for sure.


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