28 July 2009

"Just Because

I like-em" are finished!

Not only do I like - em, I love 'em! And not to draw attention to it, but, you may notice that they match perfectly!!!! Now I have to decide on what my next project will be........hmmmmmm.......

On to vacation news: I dropped our dogs off at the boarder's yesterday. 2 crates, dog dishes, food, treats, toys. By the time I was finished I was exhausted, but the dogs had settled in and were happy. The big news: Gunni peed in her yard! That was my big fear. That The Dog Who Doesn't Pee, wouldn't pee in her yard. But he peed within 2 or 3 minutes of arriving there. We haven't heard anything from her, so all must be ok. Knocking on wood and crossing fingers and toes! Then I headed off to the airport which is about a 2 hour drive.

Shan arrived at Halifax Airport at 5 p.m. with the 3 children, 3 car seats and 2 suitcases. Both boys were carrying back packs and Shan had Leah and a diaper bag and purse! This is one brave girl! About 45 minutes later we were all safely ensconced in the proper car seats with Nemo on the dvd player heading for the south shore. The movie ended about 5 minutes before we arrived at our house and everyone ( the little ones) ran around checking everything out before heading off to bed.

This morning started off overcast and foggy, but the fog lifted by noon and the sun came out and it was nice and hot and they all spent a fun filled afternoon at the beach. Nana had a hair and pedicure appointment in Bridgewater this afternoon and missed all the beach fun, but the weather is supposed to nice again tomorrow, so we may get another beach day!!!

Paul arrives Thursday night and the Andersons arrive on Friday! We are so looking forward to seeing Reese and David together. Both girls have told me how cute they are together and how much they adore each other. so I will definitely have my camera on the ready.

Now I am off to check out my stash and my Ravelry queue to see what I might knit next.


Tammi said...

I *love* these socks! So pretty. I'm glad the weather cleared up today so everyone could enjoy the beach. It wasn't long after I was talking to Shannon that the weather gods changed their minds and things became sunny. Hopefully they will be just as nice tomorrow. I ended up heading to Summerville after supper for a nice walk with Luke and my Mom. I was wearing Luke and he pretty much napped the whole walk...ah...SEArenity :)

lexa said...

Love those socks! Glad they matched for you. I plan on heading to Summerville tomorrow afternoon, definitely a beach day by the sounds of it.


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