14 August 2009

Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

It is a beautiful day here in Nova Scotia and the weather man/woman is predicting a lovely sunny warm weekend. And for early next week! Yay!

We are having more work done on our yard today. Huge trucks and equipment are here leveling out the areas where some of the 52 trees were removed and putting fill and loam in, with the intention of having grass there. It is very noisy and it woke me up earlier than I would prefer to wake up. Not a big morning person here.

The yard work is also keeping the dogs on edge. I thought they would like to watch it, but the noise is bothering them. Besides that, Mags was acting very strange last night. She would just sit and stare. I let her out and she sat outside on the driveway. She wasn't obviously ill or anything, just acting weird and not her usual charming self. And how do you call the vet at 11 p.m. and say your dog is acting weird, not quite herself, but everything else seems fine. I thought maybe a small stroke, but she is only 7, so I am hoping it is not that. John said she was ok on their walk this morning, performed her morning duties, but she just seems a bit slow, a little off. Just lethargic. Very worrisome. They do call this time of year the Dog Days of August, but........ So she is getting lots of attention today, which of course, means the little one has to horn in and get his share too! What would we do without our dogs? And how many times do I go to spell D O G and end up spelling G O D ?

The Rogers Cup, an ATP event leading up to the US Open is currently being played in Montreal with 19 0f the top 20 ranked men in attendance. The quarterfinals are today and the top 8 men made the round of 8. Apparently this is the first time that has ever happened in ATP history. It certainly makes for great tennis! Daughter Lauren and Mark are going up today to see a couple of the matches, one of which is the semi tomorrow night! She will likely see either Nadal or Federer, but whoever gets through, it will be exciting!

And speaking of sports, this post would not be complete without mentioning that my husband John had his first HOLE IN ONE on Wednesday afternoon. Properly witnessed. Very official. Made the provincial paper and the local radio station! Not that he is excited or anything.

Last but not least, a small knitting post to maintain the integrity of this knitting blog:

The reddish orange coloured ones are the Summer Sox pattern. A fun knit and easy pattern to memorize. And it moves along quickly. I am down to the heel flap on the first and have started the pattern part of the second leg. The brown pair is for my BIL who apparently always has cold feet. These are knit in the Thuja pattern using worsted weight yarn and 4 mm dpns and are also doing up quickly. They are thicker than the socks I usually do, but they will be nice and warm. Also, I am doing toes, heels and cuffs in contrasting colours, just to make it marginally less boring to knit!

We're going to the movie, Julie and Julia Saturday night. I love Meryl Streep and it is getting good reviews, not that that means anything! Sunday night we are having people in for dinner and I keep changing my menu as the weather changes. Still don't know for sure what we will be serving, but I am thinking with all the wild blueberries out now, blueberry pie may be on for dessert!

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lexa said...

I told my Hubs that your Hubs got his first hole in one ever and how happy he was. Mine was like, "That IS a big deal, you know." lol!

Hope your Mags is okay. Jewel is really flaky today, but I think a lot of it is the heat. She'll perk up in a few minutes. Daddy is on his way home, and when she hears the Pete she freaks out. Then we're off to the camper where I hope to finish up those Hederas so I can mail them Monday and start a new project or two.


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