11 August 2009

Thou Shalt Not Covet

The Sock Summit in Portland OR is finished and I am not covetous/envious that I was not there. I repeat, I am NOT envious that I was not there. ("Thou shalt not covet" is one of the 10 Commandments after all!) I probably wouldn't have had any fun whatsoever. Taking classes from world class teachers and designers! Meeting sock knitters from all over the world. Going to the World's Biggest Yarn shop at the convention centre and seeing and buying all that gorgeous yarn. Nope. Not me. But I am here to tell you, if they have another one and it is anywhere on the east coast, I am SO going to be there. I will confess that I spent a lot of time reading blog posts and comments on Ravelry about the Sock Summit and it sounded absolutely wonderful! And yes, I am just a tiny bit covetous that I was not there.

Now back to the real world! I have been working diligently on my Toe Up or Bust sock and if I may say so, I much prefer the cuff down method. I am using Wendy Johnson's book and am having no problem whatsoever with knitting the sock. I was not really sure as to where to start the gusset, so it is marginally longer than I would like. And I am not in love with the whole heel/gusset thing in the finished project. But as far as following the instructions and the actual knitting went, it was fine.

I now know that I can knit a sock from the toe up and have accomplished one of the challenges I set out for myself in sock knitting. My next challenge is going to be the short row heel. I am determined to master that one! So I am on to another pair of socks, the Hot Fun in the Summertime pair I started earlier and are back in my toe down comfort zone!

I am also going to CO a pair for my BIL in England. They are called Thuja's and are knit with a DK weight yarn and bigger needles, so they should be a quick knit. Apparently he always has cold feet and these should be just perfect for him! I may even do two pair if I like them!

Far be it for me to complain about the weather. I will be eternally grateful for the brief spate of summer we had whilst our kids and grandkids were all here! But we are having rainy, cloudy, foggy and cold again. That's it. Rant over.


lexa said...

Love those socks!

It's supposed to be hot and sunny tomorrow right through the weekend.

Heddy said...

I am covetous and envious .... Sock Summit sounds great. I would have liked to go too. Days of sock knitting, learning from the best in the sock Knittin' world and being around all that wicked wool - - that sounds heavenly to me!

Anonymous said...

We finally had great weather here last week while we were in York Maine for the week. The past two days though were very hot and humid and we never put in our AC this year. I dared not complain. I didn't accomplish much but I didn't complain! not after the Ice Storm last winter and the rainy weather we had all summer. The garden is a bust but at least it isn't snowing out....yet....

I'm with you on the Sock Summit.

Frieda said...

Your socks are beautiful! As for toe up socks , Im not really happy with the heel & gusset either. Or the cast off . I'll knit them from time to time but really like the cuff down socks more.

If I could I'd send you some of our heat , don't mind sharing . Not complaining cos it took forever to get here and we've had so little sun this summer . No let up for us till next week...


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