17 August 2009


It's HOT! It is very, very HOT. It is almost unbearably HOT! Someone is punishing me for complaining about the cold and damp earlier this summer by making it too damn HOT! Now I know that there are people out there who really like the really HOT weather and can handle it well. They go around, with a delightful glow about them, saying how lovely the weather is and how much they enjoy it. I, on the other hand, do not handle HOT weather well! I get red and blotchy looking. I sweat like a pig. I get cranky. All I want to do is sit in front of my fan and try to stay cool! I think the perfect temperature is anything under 24 Celsius. Over that and it is too HOT for me! And I promise that come the dead of winter, in sub zero temperatures and howling winds, I will not look back and wish for this heat!

Last evening, we had people in for dinner. Did I know when I invited them that the temperature was going to be around 30 degrees Celsius with a feel like temp of 39? No, or trust me, I would never have planned it. Our house is so hot I couldn't imagine having people actually in the house so we set up the outdoor table and chairs on the back deck in the shade, had a fan going to keep the bugs away and ended up having a delightful evening. I served salmon, baked in the oven, which turned out beautifully despite the fact that the oven door handle fell off as I was about to put the salmon in the oven. Do you know that the screws to tighten the handle are on the inside, which of course was very hot? (Note to self: fix the door handle whilst it is cool). (Edited to add: John fixed it before he went golfing this morning!) Anyway, I managed the wonky door and the meal was delicious and everyone had a great time!

The dogs are minding the heat as much as I am and they have heavy coats to contend with as well! Maggie seems to be back to her normal self again. No more standing around staring blankly at nothing. There is a lot of laying around, but that is just the heat! Even the little one is taking it pretty easy these last few days!

Sock knitting is coming along nicely and I should have pictures in the next couple of days of one finished pair!

Nothing more to add today, other than the fact that IT IS HOT!


lexa said...

I don't like this heat, either. I came home from work, and it was reading 29C in the house. This place is just like an oven. I really do need an air conditioner. The back of the house is a little better, but not much. I wish I was back at the camper -- that has air conditioning!

Frieda said...

We've had that same temps as you , it finally broke yesterday making life much more tolerable . We don't have air condtioning here , but thank heavens we have a pool to cool off in .

I'm hearing that Nova Scotia may feel the effects of Hurricane Bill this weekend . Hope it bypasses land and heads out to sea , though I wouldn't want to be in the way of such a storm .


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