21 August 2009

A Hurricane Watch in in effect

We're on a Hurricane Watch. A little early in the season for me, but what can I do about it?! Hurricane Bill is making his way up the Atlantic and is supposed to hit Nova Scotia on Sunday and Monday. Doesn't matter if he weakens or not, we are still going to get a lot of rain. A little rain would be nice. A lot of rain could wash away all the topsoil and new grass seed John put down last weekend! He has been out every day in the blistering heat (when he wasn't golfing) watering the new lawn areas. We are just beginning to see little tiny bits of new grass. And Bill could destroy all that work with one swell foop! Very discouraging.

However, it could be worse. Look at all the places in Ontario hit by tornadoes yesterday!!! At least with hurricanes we do get a few days notice. Time to batten down the hatches, as they say! Not sure who "they" are, but they do say that!

I finished my Summer Sox a couple of days ago and here they are:

I am really pleased with them and they are going to a friend of mine who has a gorgeous necklace that matches the socks just beautifully! As for the BIL Thujas, they are coming along nicely. I am turning the heel on the second sock, doing them TAAT as usual! So they should be done in a couple of days.

My next project, beside another pair of socks, is going to be this vest for Hunter:
The colours aren't quite as dark as they look in the picture. More of a taupe/grey colour and will look very smart on the little guy! Mind you, having a really gorgeous model always makes one's knitting look good!

Not sure what pair of socks to do next. I have tons of yarn and lots of people who want socks and lots of gorgeous patterns that I want to knit, so I shall be one happy knitter!

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lexa said...

Sunday doesn't sound good at all. I have lots of candles, and I have lots of knitting to do, too! Sounds like you've got a lot knitting to keep you busy, too. :)


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