16 July 2009

Thursday Hodgepodge ( or not )

John has poker night at our house tonight and he ( I ) have to provide dinner for 12 men. Usually I do hodgepodge, but that is such a lot of work, making it for that many people. Plus I use way more new veggies than this recipe calls for. So I wussed out and I am making a marinade for pork tenderloin, little tiny potatoes and a broccoli salad. Dessert is a big old caramel apple pie that I got at Costco. Snacks galore! While they are all here, a couple of the wives and I are going out to dinner, which is our usual plan on poker night!!

We have rabbits in our yard all the time and they love to torment my dogs. They sit outside the den window just nibbling away whilst the dogs go crazy barking and trying to get out through the window. The rabbit just looks at them with this condescending sneer as if to say " and what are you going to do anyway?" and continues on with his/her snacking.

So what do I do? I open the door!! Rabbit gone. Dog has good run! Everybody is happy! Except maybe the gosh darn rabbit!

Knit Nite was on last night and we had a lovely time. Every week it seems someone has something new to show and we all learn something ( not necessarily to do with knitting )!! Next week will be our last KN for a few weeks as some of us are going to be away and I will have company for a couple of weeks! Then we return to normal in mid August.

My socks are coming along quickly. I am really enjoying knitting them two at a time on dpns as opposed to circulars. For some reason they seem to get finished faster and yet it is the same amount of knitting. Maybe it's because I am in a grove with the leg, e.g. and so just continue along that same groove with the second leg, instead of finishing the t0e of the first sock and then starting all over with the cuff of the second sock. Whatever, it works and I like it.

Next post - pictures!

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