18 July 2009

Rain rain go away!

It's raining. Again. It's foggy. Again. We have had maybe 6 or 7 nice sunny summer days and the rest have all been horrid. Cool or cloudy or foggy or humid, but not sunny! We almost always have beautiful autumns here is Nova Scotia, but our summers aren't usually this bad! And a nice September doesn't help when your family comes home for a holiday in July or August and doesn't see the sun for a whole week! (That is what happened last year when Shannon & family were here!) I must say it is starting to get me down. It is very hard to be upbeat and positive when you are constantly being sucked into the bottomless pit of hateful depressing weather. Enough already!!!!!!! I need the sun!

That being ranted, there is nothing much more to say. I am still working on the Rib Fantastic Socks and am still loving them. Not sure who the recipient is going to be yet, but I have turned the heel and am starting the foot part so I will have to decide soon! They seem a bit loose to me, so I am thinking of maybe going down a needle size for the foot. I'll try them on me before I decide and that will also help me chose who will be gifted with these oh so pretty socks!

On a positive note, yesterday we went to a cocktail party where we saw a lot of people, many of whom we usually only see in the summertime. Then we went to the Quarterdeck Grill for dinner with a group of friends and had a great time, despite the weather. So it can be done. Not sure if the alcohol is the main factor or not, but I am betting it doesn't hurt!!


Cheryl said...

I can tell ya there's more rain on the way. Looking at how it is here in Yarmouth=(

Your socks are coming along amazing! My socks are at a standstill as I ran into huge knots from how it was wound=(((

Marti said...

Ah-ha, now who's ranting? Tee-hee. Just hoping I get a little summer in Ontario while we're there.

lexa said...

Today turned out to be a nice day, though. (Sunday) :)


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