06 July 2009

Mishmash Monday

Well, first off, congratulations to Roger Federer for winning Wimbledon and by doing so, becoming the first person to win 15 major tennis tournaments! Pete Sampras held the record and he arrived just as the game started to watch this momentous match! Talk about adding pressure to the situation! However, Roger came through with the win after a 16-14 game final set!!! Very exciting and exhausting for everyone, including me. Yay Roger!!

Now what am I going to do with my days? I always find the first couple of days after a two week tennis tournament a letdown because I am used to turning the TV on in the morning and watching tennis and knitting. I don't watch daytime TV other than for sporting events, so I now I feel lost. And I don't get as much knitting done either! :((

I am working on my Hedera socks for my friend Fran and I am calling them........

wait for it.......

Fran(kly) My Dear Hederas! On Ravelry, you have to name your projects otherwise you would end up with a bunch of projects, each called socks or sweaters or whatever. So many people try to be clever and come up with cute or funny names for each project. Hence the name!

And the socks themselves are coming along quite nicely.

I only have a couple of pattern repeats on the leg and I am ready to turn the heel. I will do the leg of the second leg next though as once again I am knitting them in tandem. I love doing them this way!!

This looks to be a quiet week for me. No hair, nail or other appointments. The dogs had their hair done on Saturday and they look lovely. But what are the chances of getting pictures of them both together sitting quietly? None, zilch, zero. I did however get a couple of them apart. I put Gunni up on Maggie's love seat for the picture and she got in a snit and wouldn't get up there with him:

And last but not least, L & M took their kids to Ottawa to visit Shan and family for a week and here is just the cutest picture of them on Canada Day:

Pete in the back, David & Reese, Leah & Hunter! Now tell me that didn't make you smile!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable grandchildren. I can't wait to meet my grandchild! I love the shirts too.

lexa said...

Love your socks! I really like that pattern. I have only knit it once, but I'd like to do it again.

The kids are so cute! That must have been an excited household, I would say.

We came home from the camper shortly after supper last night, and I bathed our dogs. Jewel decided to roll around in the grass before we left, and I don't know what she got into, but it was smelly! She hates to have a bath and gets really mad at me, won't even look at me, just out of the corner of her eye. And Maggie -- when I picked her up in the kitchen to get her into the tub she peed on my floor. (She's such a nervous thing.) Jewel went outside, and I could only get her back in by bribing her with a rawhide. That didn't even work til Maggie tried to get it from me, then jealousy took over, and she came inside.

Frieda said...

What a super picture of the grandkids ! The pups look smashing too. Bingo just loves himself when he comes back from the groomers .

I missed yesterday's match :-(( . By all accounts it was an incredible match. Roddick played the game of his career.

Marti said...

What a great photo! Love the matching t-shirts!!


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