09 July 2009

♪ Here Comes the Sun ♪

As the Beatles would say. Paul McCartney is in Halifax for a concert tomorrow night and we are not going. It is outside on the Commons and I just cannot stand for that length of time with my poor arthritic back. So we will just have to watch news clips etc!

The sun is shining for the second day in a row. Maybe this is our summer?! Who knows. But I am hoping that it will stay this while for the next couple of months and we will have a real summer! However, listening to the weather forecasts and reports around Canada and the US and hearing all the stories of hail in 100 F temperatures in Texas and possible tornadoes in the Boston area, I guess we aren't too bad off!

Yesterday I went into Halifax to do a few errands and made a stop at LK Yarns in the Hydrostone Market. I always seem to arrive there at lunch time and there are no parking spaces, as everyone comes here for lunch. There are several lovely lunch type restaurants on the same street, along with antique stores and gift shops. It really is a lovely place to spend some time and I would definitely recommend it to tourists or locals. However, I was only there for the yarn shop and I did manage to find a parking spot on the next street and score some new and interesting yarns:

These are a German wool by Schoppel-Wolle called Zauberball. They knit up into stripes that gradually change colour. I know the blue one is very me, but the multi coloured one absolutely leapt into my hand and refused to leave. I think it is trying to get me to let my inner flamboyancy out! I have it sitting here on my desk and it just makes me so happy to see it! I guess we will have to see what the pattern the yarn wants to be knit up in and whether I decide to keep or gift it! Either way, it will be a fun knit!

My final purchase was another skein of Malabrigo in purple. Actually called Vioteta Africna and I am thinking they might go over to England. I knit the Rick socks out of this yarn and loved it!

The rest of the day was basically running errands and a Costco run. We are having people in for dinner on Sunday and John has his poker night here next Thursday, so I got lots of groceries and a few summer reading books!

My Fran(kly) My Dear Hederas are coming along very nicely. I am at the toe of the first sock and have started the gusset/ foot of the second one! No pictures till they are finished.

Only two more weeks till Shan and Lauren and their families arrive. The grandkids had so much fun together in Ottawa they can hardly wait to see each other again! Please please please let the weather be nice and sunny and warm!


Tammi said...

I'm not attending the concert either but thought I should let you know in the event you decide to go last minute that you are permitted to bring your own folding chair! Typically no chairs are allowed I guess they don't anticipate this crowd being too rowdy :)

Hope the weather stays this nice for the visit from the girls...I hope to pop down to pay them a visit :)

Heddy said...

Rumour has it that Sir Paul's yacht was off of White Point this morning, and cruising along down the shore ... maybe he'll stop in Liverpool for a poke around the town?

Pretty yarn! I am looking forward to seeing it knit up!


lexa said...

I heard our mayor sent Paul a letter asking him to come to town -- an English Liverpudlian visiting the Canadian namesake! We aren't going to his concert, but we are going to see KISS next weekend, so I'm sure it will rain. Of course this weekend is beautiful -- I'm working.

Love your new yarns! When I saw that purple I thought I'd be destined for Shan. :)


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