25 June 2009

Rick & Roll socks finished

I finished these at 5 p.m. this afternoon and we had some sunshine (albeit brief) so I rushed outside to take pictures of the finished socks. I am calling them Rick and Roll socks because the pattern seems to roll around the leg and foot! (As you can see in the pictures if you biggen them.)

They are mirror opposites so there is a right and a left sock. Because the pattern is for a size 9 and I made a size 7, I didn't quite get all 58 rows of the pattern done. So the wrap around the foot isn't perfect. But I tried one on the recipient yesterday and they fit perfectly, so we were both pleased. I shall sock them and block them and deliver them next week!

We just finished a beautiful meal prepared by John! Caesar salad made from scratch with shrimp and it was delicious! I should have taken a picture but was too hungry and I had already eaten half of it when that thought occurred to me. Anyway, I have decided to start the socks for The Chef next. After checking out several available patterns, he has chosen Retro Rib Socks by Evelyn A. Clark using this yarn:

Boring I know, but that's a man for you. I have also decided that should I be overcome by the boring charcoal sock blahs, I will start another pair in one of my delicious colours on July 1 so they will qualify for one of my Knit-A-Longs! So I may not be out of the box yet, but I think I see a toe poking through!!

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