25 June 2009

♪♪ Rainy Days & Mondays..

Always get me down. ♪♪

Do you know how many songs there are about Rainy Days? A lot! I looked. Which makes me think we are probably not the only place in the world which has rainy spells or there wouldn't be so many songs about rain! I heard on the news last night that New York has had rain for 20 out of 23 days! Here in Nova Scotia today we have our 7th cloudy, foggy, rainy day in a row and I am still alive and kicking. I haven't rusted or turned mouldy! Nor have I fallen into the much anticipated sun deprived funk! I attribute this to Wimbledon, knitting and of course my Blue Jays, who are on a small winning streak.

I forgot to mention in my Monday weather rant that we had seen the movie " The Taking of Pelham 123" on Sunday night and we all very much enjoyed it! Our average score was 8.5 and my only negative was it was a bit heavy on the foul language. But that aside, I would recommend it to everyone. There are several good movies coming up in the next few weeks, so we should have more reviews for you.

Yesterday we had an appointment with our accountant and for once it was a positive. John's books for the company need to be done by the end of June, so that is what we were doing. Well, not only does the company get a small amount of money back from the much loathed Revenue Canada, but I get a totally unexpected bonus! I see some of this going into our vacation fund and possibly being put into more yarn! I look at my stash and realize how lacking the poor thing is. Stash is in dire need of solids! I so enjoy knitting patterned socks and they really need solid colours, so we will have to see what we can do about that!

And speaking of stash, I might actually finish my Rick socks today and am trying to decide what pair to knit next...... the dark gray ones for John or one of my bright cheerful colours. Because of the totally sucky weather I am leaning toward the bright cheerful ones, but am torn because I would love to knit a pair for John. But my last gray pair almost did me in with their dreariness. I seem to recall calling them Stormy Weather! Wait a minute, I just had a most disturbing thought. Do I dare start 2 pairs at once? Should I take a tiny step outside the box?


Anonymous said...

Oh I think you should definitely start two pairs at once. Be a rebel!

You might be glad to know that the sun is out here in Southern New England. I think this means it is on your way! I too am so sick of rain. I feel like I live in Seattle instead of Massachusetts.

lexa said...

I see a little bit of blue sky out there! Hoefully it will stick around for awhile. My poor lawn will need mowing again soon.

You can always start both pairs, knit the bright ones when the sun disappears, and J's when it's nice out.

I'd like to see that movie, I love John Travolta. We're going this weekend to see the new Transformers movie with the kids. I think I'm more excited than they are! Bought the tickets on-line yesterday, so we're good to go. :)


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