29 June 2009

Gray skies are gonna to clear up.

Put on a happy face ....

Well if not today or tomorrow, probably by Wednesday it should clear up! And I am trying really hard to ♪♪ Put on a happy face...♪♪. But I gotta tell you, it is tough slogging.

I am knitting gray socks for John, and they are coming along quickly so the progress alone is making me happy. They are called Retro Rib socks and John loves them! I seem to recall the last pair of gray socks were also my first ( and last ) attempt at toe up socks so they were slow going as well as boring! I am doing these in tandem, as I did my last pair and am very much enjoying that. You don't seem to be making much progress and then suddenly you're finished both socks! ☺

We are having some yard work done. There are probably 30 - 40 fir trees that we are having removed as they were old and dying and looked horrible. Many of them are having the roots pulled up as well, which is really a big job. But the guy is doing it despite the weather. ☺

Wimbledon is on TV and Roger is on right now!! ☺♥♥♥

Some of my friends and I are going to the movie, The Proposal tonight!

And that is my list of reasons to ♪♪ put on a happy face ♪♪ for today!!


Tammi said...

Love John's socks! Enjoy the movie. I saw it on Wednesday and it was very cute...so is Ryan Reynolds for that matter :)

lexa said...

This weather is just plain yucky! Those socks are moving along quickly. You'll be done in no time. :)


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