22 June 2009

Blues, Weather et al.....

It's raining and overcast and dreary. Again. For the third day. I just checked the long range weather forecast and they are predicting rain every day this week until Sunday. Every. Single. Day. Here is my morning weather email:

June 23
June 24
June 25
June 26
June 27
June 28

Light rain Light rain Light rain Light rain Chance of thunder- showers Cloudy periods

Now I am a glass half full girl and I really try to see the up side of things, but gimme a break! EVERY DAY!! I realize that the whole eastern seaboard is going through this horrid weather in some form or another, but guess what? Doesn't make me feel one tiny bit better. The wells will be full and the grass will be green and the gardens will have lots of water.......... doesn't make me feel better. The dogs will be wet and muddy and my floors will be filthy........... that really doesn't excite me! Everyone you see will be bitching and complaining about the weather and that just adds to the whole pile of things that don't excite me. And just to add insult to injury, it is also windy and blowing!

Wait one minute here. I just turned the TV on to watch tennis and........... more insult to injury! The freaking golf that got rained out on the weekend is on TV this morning instead of WIMBLEDON!!!! And I thought I was ticked off before!!! Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, blah! I want Roger!!!!!

I do have some yarn I can show, but I am so depressed now I don't think even my new yarn will help me feel better. :-(( But I will try.

Here is some yarn I bought in Ottawa a couple of weeks ago:

The Apple Pie is the one I used to knit socks for Shan's MIL and I really liked the yarn so I thought I would like to try it again. The Berroco Sox Metallic is pretty with silver highlights that you can't see in the depressing rainy window. (See how the whole blue title thing is working here.)

Next we have the yarn I bought with my discount at our LYS, the Ball & Skein:

The Lang looked really pretty and I thought I could use my new Handpainted Yarn book for a pattern for it! Also the blue Arequipa is gorgeous! (I know, more blue.)

However, TaDa!!!
Just so I don't become too predictable, RED! And GREY to knit socks for DH!

OK. I do feel marginally better now that I have had all the yarn love ♥♥♥ going on. Maybe I should quit now and do some laundry to cheer me up!

ETA: The Tennis came on a different channel at 11 a.m., so now I am happy!!!


Marti said...

I am with you on the weather front. It's really bringing me down. Summer is short enough as it is without this nonsense. Loving all the yarn though :)

Frieda said...

Bummer about the weather forecast , resembled ours for last week . This week is more promising , hopefully it's coming your way ! At least you have the tennis ;-)) .

I seem to end up with a lot of blue in my stash as well . All the new yarns are gorgeous , you made out like a bandit in Ottawa !

lexa said...

I hear you on the weather! The kids at the Littlest One's school didn't get their outdoor Spongebob water day. They had to settle for inside stuff today since tomorrow's forecast is the same. Hard to believe it's actually summer now.

You've got some nice additions to the stash!


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