30 June 2009

Here Comes the Rain!


And what else is new?! Enough already! Let's move on!!! Let the Sun Shine! Does anyone see a theme here? I googled rain songs and there are hundreds! I hope I don't have to use them all before we get some sunshine!

Saw the movie The Proposal, last night with three friends and we all enjoyed it a lot. I would suggest that it is probably one of Sandra Bulluck's best movies! We laughed at some scenes till we cried! 9 for entertainment value!! It isn't going to be nominated for Movie of the Year, but it was a fun light film!

If you watch tennis, then you know that Roger is doing well! But of course, the next matches will be the toughest! Go Rog!!

I am off for a hair appointment and a pedicure today and maybe by the time I get home it will be cleared off and there might be some, dare I say it out loud, sun. The weatherman says maybe!


lexa said...

This weather is ridiculous! I hope it doesn't rain or get foggy for the fireworks tomorrow night and Sunday night. Fingers crossed that the parade won't be a washout, too!

Frieda said...

It seems that the eastern half of Canada is being shortchanged in the summer weather department.Oh well c'est la vie ! We had a not bad day today, surprisingly .Hope the showers hold off till after eleven tonight. It's the opening night of the Montreal Jazzfest. Stevie Wonder is giving a free outdoor concert . Should be a huge crowd ,rain or shine .Not going because Mike's working late , Murphy's law !

I love your Rick and Roll socks . They 're just gorgeous , another beqautiful blue !

Happy Canada tomorrow , hope it doesn't rain on your parade ! ;-)


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