12 June 2009


Another rainy day and I still have my head cold. Blech! I am feeling better, but am still stuffy and nasally. Tomorrow is World Wide Knit in Public Day and I think I am going to have to give it a pass this year. I really don't want to be sitting around outside knitting in the cool damp weather with a cold, and, if we are inside, possibly passing my germs around as well! So ........ decision made.

I have been working on my Anniversary socks and they are coming along nicely. I am turning the heel on the second sock, so I should finish over the weeked! They look ok but I need a sunny day for a decent picture as they are a natural whitish colour and would look really boring in the f0g!

I am working on another pair that I started using the Magic Loop method and I have to tell you, I am not loving it!! I will finish them and maybe by the end I will like it better, but having started over 3 times already and only having 6 rows done, I am not happy. I could have finished the whole sock by now on my much beloved dpns! This sock pattern is a mystery sock (which I normally wouldn't do, but I like the designer!) and doesn't have to be finished till the end of July, so I am not too worried about the time factor! And using the ML method it may very well take me till the end of July to finish!!!

Pictures in the next post :- )) which I hope won't be sooooo boooooring!


lexa said...

We're going to miss you tomorrow! I still like my socks on dpns, cuff down, with a heel flap! Boring, but that's what I like.

Frieda said...

I've never tried the magic loop method , doesn't tempt me for some reason . I'm very happy to knit my socks on dpns too . I had such a difficult time casting on my toe up socks with dpns , so started with the 2 circulars and just kept going . Still prefer the dpns.

Hope you feel better soon !


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