16 June 2009

To the Frog Pond

I don't very often send a project to the Frog Pond, but sometimes things just don't work out. And the Mystery socks I am working on is one of them. ( Why is this a surprise to me after the whole Mystery shawl debacle? ) I do like the yarn and I thought I liked the pattern. But together............ Not really doing it for me this time I'm afraid.

This shows three nights work! This shows the sock at the Frog Pond!

(I think I will knit one of the Cookie A socks from her new book with this yarn!!)

All that aside, my main issue is, I HATE knitting using the Magic Loop method! I know there are people out there who love it and swear by it, but I am not one of them. There were ladders at both ends of the sock and heaven forbid it you had to drop a stitch or tink back. I admit that I knit tightly, but it certainly seemed very unforgiving to me!

I have also tried knitting two socks at a time using two circular needles. What a tangled mess I had that time!! I spent more time untangling balls and figuring out which needle I was on then I did actually knitting. ( Shaking head in frustration just remembering the whole experience! ) I guess I got sucked into the whole "isn't it great?" and " look how easy this is?" thing. Almost making you feel like a country bumpkin or old fashioned for not trying these wonderful new techniques.

But I am here to tell you, I am proudly going back to my DPNs with head held high and if I want to knit both socks together, I will do them in tandem. Isn't that why I ordered the second set of Harmony DPNs!?! Hey! There must be a group on Ravelry for DPNs lovers. I shall check and join them!

I am still going to try to master the whole knit from the toe up process, just because there are so many patterns that are knit Toe Up! I am not promising to master the process, just try it again.

Now that the rant is over, I will post a picture of my Nancy Bush Anniversary Socks. The pattern is designed in the same manner they did a hundred years ago. The pattern is only on the front of the sock, because that would be the only part of the sock that might be seen under the lady's long skirts!! I think they look lovely and hereby ending on a positive note :


Heddy said...

the 'mystery" knitting is never a good thing for you, eh? Too bad it didn't work out this time (the yarn is a pretty blue - can't wait to see it in a cookie A pattern!)

Did you really order a second set of harmony dpns? Lucky girl! I love mine, but only use one or 2 sizes (might order a set of the 2.75 mm , but the other 5 sizes hgaven't been out of the case (I am a 2.75 gal!)

lexa said...

I can't get into that mystery knitting stuff. I like to see what I'm making first.

I like good ol' dpns. Never tried socks on circs or two at once, magic loop, etc. I like what I know. :)

Frieda said...

Not into the mystery KALs either. I'm not even remotely tempted to try magic loop . I'm having a hard enough time getting used to the 2 circs , not a convert yet . It does seem the method to use for Wendy's book.

The anniversary socks are gorgeous !


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