09 June 2009

My Ottawa visit in bullet form:

  • My trip to Ottawa went really well and a good time was had by all. I arrived just before noon on Thursday and walked Pete to the bus stop. Fortunately I had stopped in Halifax the night before and managed to get some Pokemon cards, so Pete was ecstatic to be able to take them to school and show his friends!

  • Then Shan & David & I played quietly whilst Leah napped. I was given a million instructions, the important ones I remembered, the rest .........whatever.......

  • Anyway, the wedding guests left Friday morning for Toronto and we were on our own. I will confess, I expected tears and possibly tantrums as they drove away, but nothing, the boys just took my hand and off we went to the park!
Highlights from the weekend include:
  • Pete's T-Ball Tournament ( he was the best batter on the team!)
  • Dinner out at Boston Pizza ( till I hit David in the forehead with the car door after dinner and gave him a huge goose egg! )
  • UP the Movie on Sunday afternoon ( I think I enjoyed it as much or more than the boys did & I found the theater without getting lost! )
  • Sunday suppertime when the parents arrived home ( the boys were happy to see them but still wanted to continue on our walk!)

  • Shan & Paul had a nice weekend away! ( and they appreciated it, so I felt really good to be able to help out! )
Lowlights from the weekend:
  • I forgot my camera ( totally braindead of me )
  • Me coming down with the head/sinus cold from hell mere hours after they arrived home (not sure if I could have coped with the boys feeling as horrid as I did!)
No lights:
  • I did mange to get to the yarn store and picked up some Berocco Metallic Sox yarn for me and Heddy. I also got some Apple Laine sock yarn and some white Cotton/ Bamboo blend to knit a shawl for Shannon. I think I may do the Faroese Flower shawl again. I really enjoyed it the first time and I think it will knit up faster now that I know the pattern better!
  • I did some sock knitting at the airport and on the plane and the same thing on the way home. No sock knitting was accomplished in Ottawa. I did manage to crank out a couple of dishcloths for Shan, but that was it for knitting. Two little boys ages 5 & 3 do not allow for much knitting time. They actually don't allow for much down time at all! I don't know how Shan does it with Leah in the mix as well. She is a little menace, racing around and climbing on everything!! Cute as a button but definitely needs a constant eye on her!
  • I arrived home last evening around 9 pm and I was definitely dragging and sniffling and stuffed up and generally feeling horrible!

Today I will go vote and then get the mail and come home and spend a quiet afternoon and evening. John is away for a few days, so I will have to walk the dogs, despite the cold. Oh well, it won't kill me :)) Other than that, I will rest and hope to get this cold gone!!!


lexa said...

Hope you get over your cold quickly. Glad you had a good time on the trip.

Frieda said...

Oh no too bad to end the trip with a cold ! Rest up and ope you feel better soon !

Heddy said...

welcome back :)

Thanks for picking up some sparkley yarn for me, too (I'd have had yarn envy, I'm sure, when you show me yours! So I felt it wise to get some for me, just in case it is something I can't live without!)

The election should be pretty exciting - interesting to see which way our community goes this time! I am working at it tonight (c alling the results in to the media cosortium - it is pretty cool to be at the election office on election night!

Landerson said...

Yuck to headcolds! Hope you feel better soon:)


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