08 May 2009

Versarys and prizes!

In a few weeks it is going to be my 4 year Blogoversary. I started this blog in an attempt to keep track of all my knitting projects, which I must say I have done very well. I then branched out to family stuff, which was pretty much a foregone conclusion, once we started in on the 5 grandkids in 4 years marathon! Baby pictures, children growing updates, etc. So it has evolved into more of a weekly ( or thereabouts ) journal of what is going on in our lives. It is a way to keep in touch with family and friends, near and far. I know that my sister who lives in England and doesn't get home very often, feels more a part of our lives and those of her nieces and grandnephews and grandnieces through this blog! I have enjoyed updating it and try to include knitting progress or news in every post. It is a KNITTING blog after all! It is also great fun to go back to the start and see what was happening 4 years ago or whenever I want to remember something eventful!

So with that in mind, I an going to have a draw for our Knit Nite on May 27, which is a few days before the actual blogoversary ( but I was probably in the planning stages by that date ). I am going to pick out some yarn from my stash and three lucky people will then be able to chose whichever one they want. If only three people show up for KN, then they will all get yarn. If more than three are here, then we will draw to see who will be the lucky recipients! A win/win situation! Friends get new yarn and I get to do some stashbusting!

And speaking of blogoersarys, today is my YDD's five year wedding anniversary. I find it hard to believe that five years have gone by that quickly. They now have a lovely home and two gorgeous children and a dog. They both have good jobs that they enjoy and lots of friends and family. So congratulations to L & M!! And best wishes to many more in the future!

Finally, in keeping with the whole knitting theme, here is the first completed sock of my Sunshine Socks, even if they are a lilac colour and not yellow. The pattern is named Sunshine and they are from my new Cookie A. Sock Innovations book. They are quite an easy pattern and the end result looks more difficult and involved than it actually is!

I am not sure who they are going to be for. They do fit me so it will be someone with a size 9 or 10 foot! Any suggestions out there?


Frieda said...

Congratulations on your blogiversary ! Four years is pretty amazing . I enjoy your updates , knitting and otherwise .

The socks are simply beautiful , the colour is just so pretty ! Nice choice of pattern too !

Have a good weekend !

Marti said...

Hey, congrats :) I think my blogiversary was at the beginning of April, so I totally missed it. Looking forward to the draw ;)

Heddy said...

By the 27th, the meetings that have been eating up my Wednesday nights will be over! I am so looking forward to Knit Nite (And not because of the possibility of winning! I miss my knittin' posse!)

Those socks are beautiful - I am an 8.5 - lol! You should keep them for you - they Are lovely, and you deserve nice socks!

I enjoy our blog, very, very much, and am glad you are a blogger!

Heddy said...

heh heh ! I enjouy "your" blog very much ... it feels like mine too, but it isn't ... just a typo! LOL!

lexa said...

I hope to be to Knit Nite that night. Not just cuz of the draw but cuz I like it!

Those socks are so pretty! Unfotunately I can't suggest giving them to me -- they're too big! lol! You can always hang on to them til the situation arises to pass them on to someone or for an auction item to one of your charities or such.


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