10 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Best wishes for a wonderful Mother's day to all the mothers out there, be they human offspring or canine, feline, etc. A mother is a mother and pets are certainly very much part of the family too!

Take a look at my blog design because soon I will have a whole new blog look! My girls gave me the gift of a new look blog for Mother's Day and I am just delighted! I am so not artistic and the thought of having a real honest professionally designed blog is very exciting to me. She did Shan's blog and it looks so nice and fresh, I can't wait for mine. Here is her website if anyone is interested! So I say thank you to my wonderful daughters and stay tuned for the new look!

John and I are sharing a Mothers/Fathers Day gift this year. We need a new laptop for traveling and whatever and so we will be getting one as a joint gift. I ordered this one from Dell and am now awaiting it's arrival in a few weeks. I can take it when I go to Ottawa next month to babysit the 2 grandsons ( I am so excited about seeing them all! ) and John will take it when he goes to the city for overnight meetings. The one we used on our Spring trip was a nightmare and I can't tell you how close I came to heaving it through the window out of sheer frustration! So now we are both eagerly awaiting the newest member to our technical family!

John and friend are going to the city tonight to see Diana Krall in concert. His wife and I are not big fans so we are staying home. The guys are eating at Gio in Halifax. My friend and I are eating Chinese at a local restaurant! Every now and then I realllllllly want Chinese food and this is the time! I am sure we will enjoy our dinner almost as much as they enjoy theirs and at a much cheaper price!

Now I am off to Tim's for lunch followed by a lazy afternoon of baseball ( on TV ) and knitting. I am turning the heel on the second Sunshine sock and then it should move along quickly. Next up is a sock for my friend M, whose last name is Kingsley. Normally I don't put last names on my site, but the name for the new socks will mean nothing if you don't know the last name. Are you ready for it?

Fit for a King(sley) Heheheheheh!


lexa said...

Happy Mother's Day!

My word today is clever.

A Crafty Mom said...

Happy Mother's Day :) Sounds like a really nice day for you, although I probably would have taken in a Diana Krall show myself!! Enjoy your Chinese and I cannot wait to see your new blog design.

Frieda said...

What a nice gift ! Looking forward to the "new " you , though I think the "old" you is pretty darn nice .

Congrats on the new purchase . I'm still debating about getting a laptop . So far Mike and I have managed with one computer in the house , but maybe after he retires it could become more of a necessity .


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