19 May 2009

Long Weekend in Review

Warning: this is a grandchild picture heavy post with a bit of knitting at the end. Knitters feel free to skip to the end!

We had a great weekend with Lauren and the children! The weather totally sucked, but didn't manage to ruin anything. Miss Reese has a bug phobia right now, so being outside for too long wouldn't have worked anyway. I know sometimes I sound like Pollyanna, but......there is always a silver lining at my house!

Saturday was Hunter's birthday and we had a pizza party with cake and ice cream! If the pictures say anything, it was a big success:

Hunter loved his cake and ice cream!! So did the proud Mommy!

And here is Reese starting her cake looking very ladylike, but then:

Here we have Hunter showing his "look Ma, no hands" trick:

Sunday morning an old school friend of Lauren's popped in with a visit with her little girl, whose is 2 ish and the little girls had a great time! Here they are saying goodbye!

After naps on Sunday, we decided to try the playground for a while. Here's Reese on the Pirate Ship! And on the swings:

Next we have Hunter on the swing and then just enjoying some plain old sticks and dirt!

Sunday evening we went to White Point Beach Resort for dinner. We went early to see if we could find some bunnies and yes, there were lots of bunnies around. Reese had a great time feeding them:

On Monday morning we had another little visitor, Miss Brooke and her mom, Lauren's BFF from primary class! Everyone had a great visit!

At lunch time they packed up all their gear and headed back to Saint John, where they arrived safe and sound last evening.

Now to the knitting content:

Reese tried the little jumper on and it fit perfectly:

Trying to get a good picture of a moving almost 3 year old doesn't always result in the best photos! But you can see that it fits perfectly!

And here we have the finished " Fit for a King (sley)" socks. I finished them last evening but didn't take a night picture. Instead I waited for another cloudy overcast day picture! The single sock on the blocker shows the front view of the sock and the others show the normal view. The one on the foot ( not mine, it would never get over my long foot ) is not the accurate colour, even though it was taken outside. It does, however, show what it looks like on a foot! I was pleased with these and quite enjoyed the pattern!

Next up I will start the little sweater for Hunter!


A Crafty Mom said...

Great pictures - looks like a great weekend!! I love the jumper on Reese - it is gorgeous and suits her very well. And the birthday cake pictures are priceless . . . gorgeous!

lexa said...

The jumper turned out perfect after all! Looks like fun was had by all despite the weather.

Marti said...

Oh...my...goodness. The jumper and the model are just about the cutest things I've ever seen. Looks like you had a great visit!

Landerson said...

Great pictures:) The cake ones just don't do it justice though.....it was priceless! Thanks again for a wonderful weekend. Reese was very sad to leave and has been talking about "Nana-D and Boom Boom" non stop.

Frieda said...

Love the photos, they're two adorable grandkids . Looks like you had a wonderful weekend, despite the weather . It makes realize how lucky I am to have both of my sons just 5 minutes away . Jessey just brightens our day whenever we see him.

Reese looks just so sweet in the jumper, it couldn't fit any better. Lovely socks, pretty shade of blue .

Anonymous said...

The pics are adorable! Miss Reese is definitely going to give your daughter a run for her money for sure. The dress is so cute on her or she is too cute for the dress. I think it's a tie!

Anonymous said...

The hug picture was too cute for words. And the socks... I would love to have those on my feet right now! I wish I had some knitty folks in my family, but alas, no.


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