21 April 2009

Spring Has Sprung

At least my Spring Crocus socks have! I finished these socks yesterday and must confess, I really am pleased with them. The heel construction was new to me and took me longer than a regular heel would to do, but once I knew what I was doing and did the second sock, it moved along quite nicely! You increase for the gusset stitches in every other row as you do the heel flap and the instep. Then when you have the required number of stitches, you turn the heel by itself and decrease your gusset stitches again on every other row until you are back to the original # of heel stitches. Then you work in the round again. You end up being much further along with your instep pattern this way! I would probably try this heel again, so that is a definite ♥ for this heel construction!

FYI - It is sleeting out! Ugh! Blah! The weatherman is calling for heavy rain, but right now - SLEET! Spring may never sprung here! :((

So, with that rant out of the way....... now I am working on the little jumper for Reese again. Having knit it in the round the first time and then having it come out way too big ( despite knitting a swatch and getting gauge) and then frogging the whole thing, gnashing of teeth here as I remember the whole thing, I am now doing it on a size smaller needles and as a front and back. Much slower than knitting in the round, but I figure if it is still too wide, I can at least take the seam in a bit more!! The colour is actually quite accurate too!

It is the Rowan Organic cotton and is as soft as silk. The white at the bottom is seed stitch, which will also go around the neck and sleeve openings! It really is going to be adorable!

I am also thinking of knitting up a few of the ever popular dishcloths. "Someone" is on a rant about the ones we are using now, and I thought maybe if I knit some they might be exactly what "someone" is looking for. I'll pop into our LYS whilst I am town and see what they have!

So this has been totally a knitting post, sorry to " someone " in England! Next time more news and stuff!

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