24 April 2009

Spring Has Sprung, I swear it has....

The sun is shining. It is warm out. There's a gentle breeze. Grass is getting green. Plants are sprouting. All of these are signs of impending spring and I will take them all with glee! It is only April and I am sure it will not last, but, it looks like spring might have sprung ( she says, doing the Dance of Joy).

Busy times for me with our family coming up. Shannon called a few days ago to take me up on my offer to babysit the boys whilst she and Paul and Brigid go to Toronto to a wedding the first weekend in June. She is taking Leah with her, which is probably ok as I am thinking the boys will keep me hopping!! I am so looking forward to this and spending time with the two of them by myself!! Bonding time for sure!

Then last evening I was speaking with Lauren and she is bringing her kids over for the long weekend in May. Mark is going to be away on a canoeing trip, so Lauren thought it might be nice to visit us here in Nova Scotia. It is also Hunter's birthday, so we can have a little party for him!! More fun and bonding time! It is such fun watching these kids grow up and change. When you don't see them all the time you really notice the differences big time.

I knit three dishcloths for the kitchen and I must say they are much nicer than the ones I used to knit with string! Really absorbent and just the right size. I used the Bernat cotton and it is perfect for them.

So then I decided I would knit some washcloths for the little ones! I have a pink one done for Reese, and have started a pink one for Leah. The one for Reese has Mickey Mouse ears on it and Leah's will have a butterfly. Then I have blue to knit two for the boys. I am thinking the Superman logo for David and maybe a transformer for Pete. They are quick easy projects that give me some instant gratification whilst I work on the jumper for Reese, which is actually coming along well.

Now I know that I am a gadget girl and just love gadgety things, so this next part might not interest anybody unless they have an I Pod Phone or Touch and love baseball. But OMG, I downloaded an MLB application yesterday that is amazing. It shows what games are on each day, who's pitching, all the stats. It plays the radio games live. It shows a summary of each inning and what happened. You can actually see what pitches were called and how fast they were as they are being thrown. It is freaking amazing and well worth the $10 it cost to download it!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

And now I am off to book my flight to Ottawa! Happy Spring!!!


Landerson said...

Happy spring to you too! All your knitting projects sound wonderful. Your grandchildren are quite lucky;)

lexa said...

T would love that application if he had an iPod or phone.

Frieda said...

Enjoy the weather however long it lasts! Happy that you're getting some time with the grandkids . I never get enough of Jessey . I'm so lucky that they live so close and I can see him just about any time .

Love those dishcloths , gorgeous spring colour ! I'm due to knit some for us sometime soon.

Wish I was as gadget oriented as you , still learning . Sounds like a great app .

Have a good weekend !


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