15 April 2009

Bits & Bites

Not much going on at our house lately. We have finally got the information to the accountants' office today so now we just wait for the bad news. I hate tax time! I feel we pay enough tax as it is and I absolutely hate having to pay more in at the end of the year. I mean I really hate it!!! I am one of those people who pays all bills online, but when we have to pay extra income tax at the end of April, I mail the form with a cheque and sometimes even paperclip them together. My own personal and totally useless form of rebellion, but it does make me feel better. Only marginally, but better than doing it online and having it arrive there instantly! I am such a rebel!!

Today the weather is sunny and cool, but it does bode well for the possibility of spring in the near or not so near, future! The dogs can spend time out in the pen which is nice for us and for them!

Knit Nite is tonight but it doesn't look like it will be more than a couple of people coming. Everyone was here last week for the unveiling of Marti's baby and that was great fun! Check it out is you would like an " awwwwwwww" moment! She is just so cute and all the hair!

I am working on a pair of under-appreciated socks. At least that is the criteria for the April KAL. The pattern must be one that have been done of Ravelry less than 15 times. The pattern I chose is called Sleepy Hollow Socks by Lori Law of Oceanwind Knits. She is a Canadian designer and I like to support our Canadian artists. The sock is also knitted doing the heel flap and gusset pickup as one. So there is no picking up of, nor any decreasing of gusset stitches. The first sock was a bit of a challenge, but now that I now what I am doing, the second sock should come along much faster.

I am guessing these will be gifted to EDD as she is a big fan of purple and it is such a pretty colour!

Next I will finish the little jumper I started for Reese. I brought up the whole gauge issue at KN last week, and the general consensus is to knit with the size needle they give in the pattern and if it is too big, so be it. She can wear it next year!! So onwards and upwards!

I also recently received the new Cookie A Sock book, Sock Innovation and can't wait to start a pair from one of those patterns!

And just to end this post with another "awwwwww" moment, here is a picture of our youngest granddaughter who is no longer sniffing and sneezing and looks just delicious and very much like her brother, AKA Thing 2 :


lexa said...

Those three Things of Shan's couldn't look any more alike if they had to!

I hate tax time, too. I can't pay all his at once, so I send a fist full of post-dated cheques. Makes me sick.

Love the sock!

My word today is ameness.

A Crafty Mom said...

I feel badly for people who pay at tax time, we always get money back. But our property taxes are killer. Yikes. Our property is not even big, how can we possibly pay that much???

I love your shawl picture below - it is really stunning. And the fancy purple sock is gorgeous . . . not under appreciated by me b/c I know socks are hard to knit (says she still knitting baby blankets after five years . . . ).

Frieda said...

I can't believe how much goes out in just straight income tax , never mind all the other taxes . Lucky us here in Quebec , we're going to be "harmonized with the feds GST, so now the everloving goods and sevices tax + quebec sales tax comes to a whopping 15%. Way too much !

The socks are so pretty, that's such a beautiful purple . Thanks to you my ravelry queue is now longer :-).

The two grandkids sure do look alike , no mistaking that they're siblings , both are cuties ...


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