08 March 2009


I have pictures! At long last! So this is going to be a picture post!

Here are Lauren, Reese & Hunter out for an early morning walk on the beach today.

Reese searching for seashells and then Tadah! Look what I found!

Last Wednesday we went to the ball game at Dunedin where the US world team was playing an exhibition game against the Blue Jays. Here is Jeter and the guy in the background is Chipper Jones! How cool is that!?

Ice Cream slippers for Miss Reese that I knit in the car and then finished last night when I could try them on for size!

Next we have the 2 pair of slippers I have finished. The brown pair if for Mark and I just needed to do the sole in the car. The orange pair is for Holly and I knit that whole pair on the drive down here.

Now we have the Blackrose socks I am knitting for a couple of KALs. The green is for the Solid & Semi Solid KAL and the lace pattern qualifies for the SKA KAL.

And finally we have the Faroese Flower Shawl. The first shows the 35 rows I have done. There are 145 all told and I will probably not work on this whilst we have company as it does require a certain amount of concentration. The first closeup shows the shoulder and the second one is the back panel!

That's it! No more pictures.


lexa said...

You've been busy knitting! Glad to finally have pictures. It's warmer here, not bad at all, but it's wet and damp.

Anonymous said...

Sounds very busy there, and very happy, too ! Loved the photos a la Anderson !Have a ball,


Frieda said...

Wow,you're racing right along ! Those socks are just so sweet , will have to check out your projects on ravelry for the yarn . Such nice little girl colours !

The shawl will be stunning when completed . Looks like you like Tanis yarns . Still haven't knit anything with mine .

Enjoy the rest of your trip and the family !


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