05 March 2009

Florida Update

We finally arrived at our condo in Florida on Sunday after a tiring 4 day drive. The place is lovely, big and roomy but there will be no pictures as I brought the wrong connector for my camera. I am going to get my friends to take pictures and email them to me when they get home, but for now..... nada!

Our friends Debbie & John arrived Monday late afternoon and we have been having a great time ever since. The guys have golfed twice, we went to a ball game in Dunedin Wed. and watched the Blue Jays beat the USA World team in an exhibition game. Great fun! There has been food and drink and ice cream! This afternoon friends from Port Charlotte ( Pete & Susan) are coming for dinner and a visit. We went to Costco yesterday and bought a big piece of salmon and some nibblies. Today Deb and I will go to the grocery store to pick up a few things and possibly have lunch at The Pie Factory, which is a lovely little restaurant that makes amazing desserts and does actually have a delicious lunch menu! We discovered it the other day and Debbie ( and me too ) really wanted to go there once more before they leave on Sat.

The weather has been coolish. Definitely not beach weather, but it is getting better every day. Yesterday was 68 and today should be in the 70's from now on. But I am not complaining. It is a far cry from what the weather is like back home!!!

Lauren and Mark and the kids arrive on Saturday and we are really looking forward to seeing them all. I see fun times ahead!


lexa said...

Even if the temps are a little cooler there than usual it's better than here. Today is really windy and cold. At least it's sunny, though.

Marti said...

I would totally take 68 degrees right now. Glad you're having a good time :) No baby yet.

Anonymous said...

WHAT? We want pictures, we want pictures, we wan... ... kidding !
Our daffs are up, tulips are poking through, and the summer birds are flocking back into the West Country with a flourish. Off to Cheddar to buy some of their very splendid cheese. You may advise the Committee.


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