12 March 2009

My How Time Flies

When you're having fun!

We have had a wonderful week with Lauren & Mark, Reese & Hunter here in our Florida condo. The grandkids have both enjoyed the beach and the pool and won everyone over with their happy smiles and personalities. Total strangers had these huge smiles on their faces when they saw them smiling and beaming at them! Reese made friends everywhere she went, be it the beach or the pool or the playground.

Reese going to the beach and then on her way back with her father.

Lauren and John with Hunter in the pool:

John with Reese and Hunter in the pool:

They travel in style:

One day we all went to the Ellenton Outlet Mall to do some shopping. Lauren and Reese would go in the stores and I would sit outside stores with him in the stroller. It almost became embarrassing, with everyone commenting on how cute/handsome/ happy he was. After a while I would just nod and agree. I mean, what else can you do?

Most days were beach in the morning and pool in the afternoon, after both little ones had a nap. Sand castles and chasing birds on the beach in the mornings. Then in the pool Reese would swim from one side to the other with her life jacket on and would be just about worn out by the end of the day.

We went out to dinner one night with the whole family to Carrabbas, where our waiter was a father and had us in and out in just an hour! He got a good tip I can assure you!

The little ones have been as good as can be and sleep well so we have down time in the evenings. Lauren & Mark went to Tampa Wednesday night whilst we babysat. Hunter was very tired and went down before they left, but we did get to have Reese for a while and did the whole getting ready for bed routine.

Saturday night was our last night together and we went out to The Macaroni Grill! Reese does love going to a restaurant! And Hunter has a new trick: clapping!!


We really had a great visit with Lauren and family. We will miss the noise and hustle and bustle of life with little ones around. I will most miss Reese saying "NanaDeeee" every morning when I get up and Hunter's huge smile!

So now we have a few days to ourselves and on Thursday our friends the Byrnes arrive. It will be lovely to see them and we always have such a great time together!


Landerson said...

Great pictures. We had such an awesome time. And we miss you too:)

Landerson said...

Oh, and Reese insists our house is a "condo" now...lol!


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