18 February 2009

Ribbon of Hope sock

Ta dah! Voila! and all that jazz!

I must say I am very pleased with how well these socks are turning out! I will cast on the second one today, but I am also in the process in trying to decide which size needles to knit the Faroese Flower shawl with. I started it with 5 mm needles and decided it was too loosey goosey. So then I went to a size 4 mm and thought that was too small and would affect the shoulder shaping. Most shawls don't have shoulder shaping but this one does and that was one of the reasons I wanted to try it. So I cast on a third time with 4.5 mm needles last night and will knit a bit more so I can compare all three samples tonight at Knit Nite! Put it to the other ladies and hope to get a consensus!

Tonight is the potluck dinner shower for Marti and we are all excited to see what everyone has produced for this little one! Pictures tomorrow. It is supposed to storm overnight and tomorrow so it will probably be a good day to stay at home and knit and blog.


lexa said...

That sock is simply gorgeous!

JoAnn said...

De-lurking to comment on your Ribbon of Hope socks. You did a beautiful job. I also did these socks for my neighbor who underwent chemo for breast cancer last year. I gave them to her this year for Christmas. They were fun socks to knit.


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