19 February 2009

Baby Shower knitting unveiled!

We had a wonderful baby shower last night for Marti. Lots of nibblies and a delicious main course of pineapple meatballs! I of course, forgot to take pictures of the shower, but Heddy has some posted and I am sure Marti will as well.

I just wanted to finally show the little outfit I did for the Pinta bean:

First I did the little sweater which is just sweet. Then I decided I needed a little cap to keep her little head warm. And finally I decided that socks were called for as well. All together they are just too darn cute!

The sweater is a Bees Knees pattern called Peacock. ( I love their patterns and have done a few for the grandkids.)

The hat is a free Ravelry pattern called Vine Lace Baby Hat and goes nicely with the sweater.

The socks are just generic socks that I knit up.

This is what it looks like outside my window today. The white blurry stuff is gusting, blowing, major storm # 10 for this winter! Notice the contrast between this picture and the first one in this post. Depressing, isn't it?

Guess what I am going to do today?


lexa said...

That outfit was just too cute! I hear ice pellets hitting my window now.

Carrie Ellis said...

The wind is gusting here too. (Chatham, ON). That little ensemble is just the ray of sunshine I needed. Adorable!

Tammi said...

What a sweet outfit for baby! I love the color scheme. So cute for spring! I love the pattern of the sweater. Great job!

Frieda said...

That little outfit is just so sweet, the colours are beautiful . She'll be a very well dressed little Pinta bean .

We had that snow last night with a bit leftover today, just for good measure . I just came in from shovelling that heavy slushy white stuff . Winter can't be over soon enough for me !

Marti said...

Did I mention that this little outfit was a big hit with the constable as well? He loves the little hat. Hmm...I feel like I'm repeating myself. Anyway, it really is so springy and bright...just love it. And the tulips too :)


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