14 February 2009

A Valentine's Day post

Just a quick Valentine Day post to introduce my new socks to the world of FOs! Yay! You may notice some gorgeous red roses in the picture. They were from my DH! Lucky me!

The sock pattern is called Brigit and the yarn is Tanis Fiber Arts fingering weight. I love them and they fit me perfectly!

Next up my Ribbon of Hope pink socks. I started them last night and am really pleased with the pattern so far.

I have the Yarn Harlot's daily calendar, which suggests that today we should knit something special for ourselves, so I am tempted to start my shawl. Not sure if I will, but I am tempted.

Wednesday we are having a dinner baby shower for fellow Knit Niter Marti, who is due in March with her first child, a little girl. There will be pictures then of the surprise gift which is just too darn cute for words!

Dinner with friends tonight at White Point , a party tomorrow afternoon and then life gets back to normal till we head off to Florida in about 10 days or so. I must say it will be nice to get some warm temperatures for a change. It has just been soooo cold this winter!


lexa said...

Love the socks!

Looking forward to our little party Wednesday night. Have a nice weekend!

Marti said...

I too am looking forward to Wednesday. I haven't peeked at anything, so it'll all be a great surprise. Looking forward to your shawl progress too.

Landerson said...

Beautiful roses!!!

Can't wait to see the surprise gift. Knowing you, it will be just sweet:)

Frieda said...

The socks are just beautiful, as usual . Hope you all have fun at Knit Nite, can't wait to see the baby knits ...


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