09 February 2009

Partied Out

Today is going to be a quiet day for me and I deserve it! We had a seriously busy weekend!

On Friday night we had 32 people in for a buffet dinner. It had snowed and frozen, so the driveway and walkway were icy. Being a good host, John put a gallon of salt down to prevent slips or falls. I would guess that half a gallon of the salt got trucked into the house on peoples' feet. What a mess and one I had not anticipated! Guess who was up and cleaning and washing floors on Saturday morning?

I had prepared lots of nibblies, shrimp and cocktail sauce, cheese and cracker trays with pates, and even some clam dip and chips! I really should have taken pictures. Mitchell had the Thai salads all done up in wine glasses which were rimmed with sesame seeds! Very elegant and delightful! Then for the main course we had a curried chicken stirfry, individually done up for each person! That was delicious! For dessert I had a selection of bite sized squares. Having Mitchell in to do the cooking and serving really adds to the party as he is like having your own entertainer with his cooking and his running commentary. All in all a very successful evening!

And if you can go by the comments and thank yous we received the next day, people feel that this should become an annual event! I do think having a big party during the January/ February doldrums is a great idea. People are ready to have some fun after a month of snow and cold!

So Saturday was spent mostly cleaning up and getting ready for the wedding shower that I was having on Sunday. Again, no pictures but the bride to be and all the guests had a great time. And she got some wonderful gifts!

So today I am basically taking it easy. I am doing laundry but that's about it!

Finally, a picture of a finished sock. The colour is actually perfect in this shot, which never happens for me!


lexa said...

Mitchell was in at the store the day of you party. I commented on it, and he was telling me about the salad in the glasses.

Love that sock! What a gorgeous color. :)

Marti said...

Glad that all of your entertaining was a success. And the sock looks awesome. Love the little cables.

Landerson said...

Sounds like the weekend was a huge success! Will we get an invitation for next year?? Lol!

Frieda said...

Sounds like fun was had by all ! New name for the blog perchance , Hostess with the Mostest ...

The socks are stunning ,enjoy your day off , you deserve it !


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