23 February 2009

Happy Birthday Shannon

I am probably not the worst mother ever, but today I definitely feel like it. Can you believe I forgot to get a birthday card in the mail for my oldest daughter? She lives in Ottawa and the mail service is terrible, so if is not going to happen at this late date. I can and will send an e-card, but it just isn't the same as getting a card in the mail. And it's not like this date doesn't come around every year! But for some reason it often catches me off guard and definitely off my game! So Happy Birthday Shan and I hope you have a great day!

We are getting ready to head off to Florida on Thursday and I have a million things spinning around in my head that I have to do! But the main thing I seem to worry about is, do I have enough yarn to knit in the car, whilst I am down there, and on the way home in the car? I am taking the leftover sock yarn from the baby outfit to knit socks for Leah & Reese. I have 4 balls of wool to make another Noro Scarf. I have 3 balls of fingering weight yarn to knit the Faroese Flower Shawl. I am taking green yarn to knit socks for the KALs I am in and some Fleece Artist yarn I got on sale to make a cowl. I do know they have yarn shops in Florida, but they don't carry a lot of wool and I am not that fussy about cottons and linens. However, not being entirely masochistic, I do see myself making at least 2 or 3 visits whilst we are there to fulfill that knitter's need to see and touch new yarn.

All other things seem to be falling in place. My cleaning lady is coming to stay with my dogs. That is such a huge thing for us....... to be able to leave the dogs home, in their own surroundings and with someone familiar to look after them. We are so lucky to have her!!

The paper has been cancelled. The packing has started. Banking and bills have been looked after! Hair, pedicure and nail appointments are all in the next 2 days. It looks like we will be ready to head out early Thursday morning.

One knitting note, I finished the Ribbon of Hope socks and am donating them to a silent auction to raise funds for QASL, a local board that I am on! So here they are:

Now I have to go to town and it is cold and blowing and sort of snowing/raining and horrid! Florida sounds good.


lexa said...

Good luck packing up for Florida! You can always stop along the way for more yarn if need be. Love those socks.

I popped on Facebook this morning and send Shan a HB note.

Marti said...

Have a great time down South. Bring the sun back with you, okay?

A Crafty Mom said...

See? Even Sheri remembered my birthday. And she didn't even give birth to me :-)


Good luck packing - sounds like it's time to get out of that yucky weather!

Landerson said...

Ouch! No worries, I'm sure Shan won't let you live this one down for a while! Happy packing! See you Thursday:)


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