28 January 2009

Tennis anyone?

Not much going on here. I am knitting a shower gift for the Pinta been and can't show any pictures, but I will say, " OMG it is soooooo cute!". I am really pleased with it!!!!!!

I had Maggie to the Vet yesterday for an xray on her right leg. She has been limping around on it for several weeks now and hence the xray. Of course, no limping when she was there! Just like kids! He sort of questioned me about it and I am thinking to myself, " Do I ever bring my dog here just for the heck of it?" No! There is always a reason. Anyway, the xray showed arthritis in both front elbows, and a possible bone chip in the right one. This could be the reason for the lameness. They have sent the xrays off to the Vet college to be read by a proper radiologist and we should hear what they think next week. In the meantime, she runs around normally for a while, and then limps for a while. I hate it when my animals are sick or in pain!!!!

I am supposed to have Knit Nite here tonight so of course they are calling for a storm. Snow, 10 - 15 cm. and then turning to rain. I also have an appointment in Halifax tomorrow for my car to have checkup etc., prior to our trip to Florida! And I am planning to buy stuff for this big party we are having Feb. 6 and the wedding shower I am having for a friend's daughter on the 8th of February. So please cross your fingers and hope for rain!!!

The Australian Open is on and I am taping it each night and then not reading sports news or listening to the radio so I don't know who wins. Early tomorrow morning is the Federer/ Roddick match which I really want to see. I am hoping for Roger, but wouldn't be upset if Andy R were to win. He has worked hard and isn't quite as cocky and annoying as he used to be. I still think Nadal will win the whole thing. The man is amazing and definitely at the peak of his game right now!

The DVR awaits........


Marti said...

The anticipation is killing me. Can't wait to see it.

Doesn't look like I'll be able to make it tonight. Maybe we should try and trick the weather by pretending to hold KN on another night...hehehe. Anyhow, hope to see you next week.

lexa said...

One of the things I had planned for Pinta isn't going to work, not enough yarn. And it was given to me from someone far, far away, so I can't get any more, especially not in time. (Probably discontinued by now I would imagine.) So I have found something else that I will have enough yarn for, and I think it'll be cute. But I have to get those darned socks for Pa finished before I can start it! They are the socks from H*ll, they are taking forever for some reason.

The weather just is NOT cooperating for Knit Nite. Hope to get there next week.

sue said...

Nadal is the only one to beat Federer I think. Didnt he beat hmi last year. I was shocked when I heard that as I didnt get to see the match between them. They are both amazing players in their own right arent they. I hope your dog is better soon too, and doesnt have to limp around too much.

Landerson said...

Poor Mags:( Hope there's something they can do to make her feel better.
Oh, and you forgot to mention total hottie when you described Nadal.....oh that body!!!


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