23 January 2009

The Hourglass socks

It seems that I have been working on this pair of socks forever. I say "pair" because socks come as a pair, but I am still on the first sock. I started the sock on Jan. 7, which is 16 days ago. Now I grant you, I did knit the green sweater for Pete, and I am working on the girly baby gift for Marti, but I have picked it up on several occasions and worked a few rows. It is a lovely pattern but one that requires a lot of patience and cabling and yarn overs and purling through the back of loops. Normally I wouldn't mind this at all. I love a challenge. But for some reason this one is getting to me.

You may also notice that there has never been a picture of said sock in progress. Not here, nor on my Ravelry page. Now this is most unusual for me. I try very hard to keep everything up to date and post progress pics right from the start. So the other night at our Knit Nite, I was again struggling with this sock, when someone said, "If they aren't making you happy, why don't you rip them out and knit something else?" Then I remembered Lucy Neatby's comment that knitting is supposed to be fun and there is no rule that says you have to finish something just because you started it. So:

To the frog pond they have gone. I did however leave the cuff, thinking that when I start another pair with this yarn, I will already have the cuff done. Assuming the next pair wants a 68 stitch cuff. But that's for later and for now, to quote James Brown, "I feel good, I knew that I would now" !!


lexa said...

Isn't that something that they caused you that much grief! I'm sure you'll find another great sock pattern with not so much aggravation to take their place.

Marti said...

Good for you :) May your next endeavour with that yarn cause you more joy than grief.

Heddy said...

LOL! Yay! It is a good stress reliever to rip-rip-rip!

Good luck on the next pair - such a pretty shade of blue (and this is coming from a non-blue lover!) deserves to be a pair of socks that you'll love making and wearing!

Landerson said...

Who knew socks could create so much drama?!

Frieda said...

Curious to see the next socks with that yarn . Good on you for ripping it out , you might as well enjoy what you're knitting .


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