21 January 2009

Pete's Sweater is done!

The green sweater for my grandson Pete is finished and ready to go in the mail. I knit the size 4-5 size and the measurements came out perfectly, but it may be to big. I measured his favourite sweater and the chest size was 24 inches. This one is for a 24 inch chest but finished is 26 inches. I did make it a bit longer and longer sleeves, so it should fit next year. Here is is:

Does that not look like the cutest little man sweater. He wanted plain and warm and soft! I think this fits the bill as it was knit with alpaca. I hope to get it in the mail today, but I may wait and show it off at KN tonight. I have started a new project, but it is a surprise for Marti who is pregnant and due in March, so I can't post pics here or on Ravelry. You will have to take my word that it is cute and very girly!!

This is a busy week for me with appointments almost everyday. Hair, dentist, nails, etc. Sometimes it is hard being me! :0)) Hence this is a short update post.

Congratulations to the americans on the inauguration of their new President Obama! Hopefully he will be able to achieve his goals and get the economy going in the right direction, along with all his other intentions. So many people have such high hopes for this man, it must be a daunting task ahead for him. But at the same time one that he relishes and will work hard to achieve. I wish him all the best in the world.


Marti said...

Very much looking forward to seeing the girly knits. And no, i still haven't peeked at our message board :)

Heddy said...

very soft snuggly, manly sweater for a little boy who loves his granmother's knitting! The colour is great ... I like it a lot

Landerson said...

The sweater looks great. Pete will love it I'm sure:)

Shannon said...

Pete is very excited for his sweater. I just showed him the picture and he said "wow, is she done that already??" :-) Maybe he is used to his mommy's knitting - steady but SLOW!!

Hope you had a good week.

Frieda said...

Very nice , such a gorgeous shade of green . Lucky Pete !


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