13 January 2009

Nut & Honey & a little Gunni

We are not having company this week. :>(( Master H has the stomach flu and so Lauren has decided to try next week. That's assuming he is back to normal and her highness doesn't come down with it too! Cross your fingers!

FYI - Gunni has a new trick. He goes upstairs and can't get back down. That's not new. He fell down one time and will not attempt to go down by himself again. We have tried everything to keep him downstairs. We have a wooden baby gate across the French door opening into the living room. This has served us well through 2 Airedales. However, this little guy is the dog version of Houdini! He can get through the baby gate that is bungy corded tightly shut and with 4 chairs in front of it. He is one determined little terrier! So he gets upstairs and now he walks out on the 12 - 14 inch ledge beside the stairs. He goes between the railings and just stands there or walks back and forth. Talk about a heartstopper! The first time I saw him there I couldn't move for fear of startling him and then watching him plunge to his death. He has gone out on the ledge a few more times so today I put a pretty box in behind the railing to stop him. He hopped over it. I am now thinking a big old piece of plywood or something. The heck with interior decorating and everything matching nicely!! We have a long wooden gate and a bungy cord between our living room and dining room for heaven's sake!

This dog is definitely keeping us on our toes!

I have been doing odds and ends of things. Putting things away, tidying up, bills etc. Boring stuff!

The sweater for Pete is coming along nicely ......... I am almost to the decrease for the sleeves. I did take the day off yesterday to work on my socks. Now that was interesting. The pattern is a 10 stitch repeat x 7 with a 22 row repeat and the stitches get moved back and forth from needle 1 to needle 4 several times. If is sounds confusing, that's because it is confusing. Hence I haven't quite got one 22 row repeat done yet. I would guess this is not going to be one of my faster socks, and finishing by the end of January is starting to look dubious. We will see.

The weather has been cold and snowy. Seems anytime I want to do something it snows! But that is why I have an SUV, so I can get around in this weather, so I will stop whinging about it!

Bridge tonight and lunch with friends tomorrow. A little snow is not stopping me. I look snow in the eye and spit at it. ( I only hope it doesn't take offense and dump 30 mm on us just to show me who's boss! )


lexa said...

What a little bugger! T cleaned up the rec room downstairs the other week when he was home. Now the kids have claimed it as a play room. The dogs aren't supposed to go downstairs, it's where the cats have always liked to go, even before the dogs. Anyways, Jewel sneaks down all the time now, and poor little Maggie starts whining pitifully and running around the house. She'll put her front paws on the top step but won't come down. I felt bad for her last night, so I called her down, but no way would she budge! We came upstairs, and she was in her kennel, and D found a spot in the hallway where she dribbled. The poor little thing was so worked up!

One good thing is I always keep the door ajar so the cats can come and go. If Jewel sneaks down there Maggie rats her out!

Shannon said...

Sorry your visit didn't happen!! Silly Gunni, I can't believe he was up on that ledge, what a crazy maniac pet. Glad your knitting is going well :-)

Frieda said...

Bingo refuses to go up and down the stairs . That started when we took the carpeting off . Guess he feels a little insecure about sliding down . He wants to be where I am and whenever I go up and down the stairs and forget him or don't bother because I'll be right back , he gives me a little woof to remind me. Who's the boss ?

Claire said...

Found your blog today sort of by accident, and thought it had some interesting coincidences. I grew up in Nova Scotia and my parents still live there. They have a Welsh Terrier too (their second) and my Dad used to have an Airedale not to mention the fact that he is addicted to sudoku, as am I. I moved to Iowa but I'm learning how to spin my own wool (from my own sheep) and just learning how to knit. Interesting to read your blog - I hope one day I can churn out as much knitting as you do!


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