10 January 2009

And so it continues both day and night.......

I know that is from a Christmas song, but it is still close enough to the holidays to be used. And it is just so appropriate. I went to the doctor on Thursday about the head/sinus cold and she put me on an antibiotic, Zithromax. A very fine antibiotic which you only take once a day for 5 days. I do feel somewhat better, but still have some head and nose stuffiness. I just want it gone!

As for knitting, I have been working on this sweater for Pete. Very green, very plain, and a little bit boring. But it is so soft and warm I like patting it and touching it. Plus the fact that I am making it for Pete makes it all the boring worthwhile!

I have finished the front and back and have started the sleeves . With any luck I should finish it this week and get it off in the mail to Ottawa.

I have started a pair of socks called Hourglass in a pretty blue ( what else ) and should be working on them soon. Also a wee small project for one of our Knit Nite ladies who is due in March with a little girl pinta bean. No showing that however until it has been gifted!

Tonight we are going out for dinner at White Point Beach Resort (which is just around the corner from us) and tomorrow night a friend and I are going to the movie Bride Wars whilst the men stay home and watch football. For someone who really enjoys watching sports on TV, I cannot emphasis how much I loath football. Not just dislike it, loath it!

And speaking of sports, there is curling on today! Yea!! Knit time!

The piece de resistance of this little blog post:
We are also hoping to have company next week from Saint John. Lauren is coming over for a few days with these two:

We are quite looking forward to seeing them all again!


lexa said...

You'll have to be careful if you're going to the show Sunday night -- we are supposed to get a storm tomorrow, 15+ cms.

Marti said...

I too loath football. Over the entire Christmas holiday, it was nothing but bowl games and Jr. hockey. Hockey I don't mind...football makes me nuts.

Landerson said...

I hear ya on the football. Hopefully we get rid of this yucky flu!!


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