03 October 2008

Vive La Difference

Another beautiful fall day here is Nova Scotia. I hate to sound like a broken record, but I do love autumn. Despite all Kyle's blowing, we still have lots of leaves and they are gorgeous. Reds, oranges, yellows mixed in with all the green and just so cheerful looking. The evenings have that crisp feeling that makes it nice to sleep and we seem to have more sunny days than in the summer even! Yes, autumn in Nova Scotia just can't be beat!

Not much happening this week. Yesterday a friend and I went to Mahone Bay to Have A Yarn and then on to Lunenburg for lunch and a bit of shopping. I did pick up a ball of sock yarn to knit more socks for David. I was right about the other pair being to big. I think I will knit these in the car on our drive to Ottawa. I should be able to get them done on that trip up. I also got a skein of gorgeous Tanis Fiber Arts in chestnut brown for the October sock KAL, which is supposed to be brown. I absolutely love her yarn! It is so soft and the colours blend with each other so well, as you can see it you clicked the link.

As for my gorgeous Marilinda socks, I am just about finished turning the heel and am on the home stretch with them. They could possibly be my all time favourite pair of socks. They are just so beautiful. I love them. I am keeping them. I will post pictures when I have them finished!

We are having a couple over for dinner tomorrow night but otherwise, a quiet weekend at our house!

And now I am off to vote in the advance poll as we will be away during the Federal Election. I must say it amazes me that the US election has been going on for two years and ours is called and held in a little over a month. Vive la difference!

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Shannon said...

So who did you vote for? :-)

I'm glad you're having a lovely fall and we are getting excited to see you next weekend. It's all the boys are talking about and they still want grandad to take them to the driving range. And they want to show you their Halloween costumes - Peter is Indiana Jones and David is Spiderman . . . too cute.


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